Fiori Foglie e Follie

Wedding flower arrangements in style at Fiori Foglie e Follie


To create a truly unique and exclusive wedding is necessary a flower arrangement that leave all the guests amazed.

Fiori Foglie e Follie (Flowers Leaves and Follies) in Mantua, thanks the great professionalism of the owner, Mrs Ilaria Dessi, will offer you exceptional service, providing couples with stunning creations which are in keeping with their personality as well as their wedding style.


Graduated as an agricultural expert, after attending specialized and recognized professional courses and schools, she has been working in this wedding sector since 2006. She collaborates very closely with the spouses following every at every step of the way right from her initial consultation with them till the day of their fateful “yes”, ensuring to satisfy their needs and wishes.


Fiori Foglie e Follie also creates personalized bridal bouquets and she covers Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige regions without any surcharge.

Fiori Foglie e Follie

Viale Giovanni Amendola, 30 - 46100 Mantova (MN) - IT

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