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10 14 20 28 48 38 46 56 80 110 114 118 124 EDITORIAL A WORLD WITHOUT PEACE THE POWER OF MUSIC Interview with Anastasiya Petryshak THE MILAN FASHION WEEK 2022 IN THE NAME OF A SLOW AND PAINFUL RECOVERY ELEONORA PIERONI IN NEW YORK Ambassador of the “Made in Italy” in the Big Apple 72nd ITALIAN SONG FESTIVAL Amazing Amadeus and thrilling ending BY BICYCLE THE BEST WAY TO DISCOVER ITALY LAKE GARDA ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR DESTINATIONS IN THE WORLD THE PLEASURE OF THE ITALIAN MOUNTAINS IN SUMMER CORTINA 2026 DJ GEORGIA MOS FROM SANREMO TO MILAN TO CONQUER EUROPE AND THE WHOLE WORLD HAPPINESS PROJECT By RESEARCHING THE INGREDIENTS OF HAPPINESS GUIDO DANIELE Our tribute to the renowned worldwide Italian body painter COLLEZIONE ARTE CONTEMPORANEA ORIZZONTE ITALIA Magazine 31 rd. ISSUE March 2022 Publisher and ADV sales Company ORIZZONTE ITALIA Srls Via Flaminia,185/G 47923 RIMINI ( RN) Tel. +39 0541 1836960 Tel. +39 039 9714666 www.orizzonteitalia.com Head Editor Dario Sala Editor-in- Chief Ilio Masprone Chief Financial Officer Giovanni Mario Sala Art Director and Graphic Designer Roberto Passeri Marketing Manager Laura Garipoli WEB Manager Luana Lombardini Contributors, Freelancers, Journalists: Patrizia Garipoli, Nadia Zambon, Claudio Zeni, Susanna Giusto, Ilaria Sismondini, Nyky Rettagliati, Maria Sole Ferrero, Tiziana Pavone, Mauro Boccaccio, Marisol Bertero, Alessandra Luti, Romano Lupi, Graziella Marchi, Marina Manfredi, Katia Ferrante, Silvana Rivella, Maria Bruno Photographers: Gabriele Passeri Translators Raissa Koukouchkina Marina Orhei Overseas Representation: Russian Area Danilo Facconi - Mariam Zoizde Asian Area Chang Chenyu e Wenwen Zu Registration N° 5, August 10 th 2017 c/o the Court of Rimini. www.orizzonteitalia.com orizzonteitaliamagazine Images property of: www.visittrentino.info/it -www.dolomiti.it -www.valgardena.it -www.gettyimages.it - APT Bormio - APT Val di Fassa - APT Livigno-ArchiviofotograficoCervinoSpA-Aziendaper ilTurismoMadonnadiCampiglio-APTRavenna-Fotowww.bormio. eu - IDM Sudtirol Alto Adige - Consorzio Cervino Turismo - Alex Filz - www.huskyvillage.eu - G. Meneghello - Ute Dandrea - www.bandion.it - www.alefaedda.com - CortinaMarketingSe.Am - Paola Dandrea - HM&C apt - Freddy Planinschek - A. Incontri - Consorzio Turistico Alta Badia - Caspar Diederik - Consorzio Turistico Alta Pusteria - Cortina Turismo - CSC Centro Servizi Courmayeur - Regione Lombardia (Promozione Attività Turistica) - Trentino Marketing S.p.A. - Roby Trab - Chiara Zaccarelli - Wikipedia - Chanel - Cover ‘s photocredit by Anastasiya Petryshak Distribution: The copies of OI Magazine are available in all the activities and hotels present in the Magazine, as well distributed at the following International Touristic Exhibitions: TTG (Rimini) - ITB ASIA (Singapore) WTM (London) - ITB (Berlin) - COTTM (Beijing) ORIZZONTE ITALIA N° 31 - March 2022 oi SUMMARY

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editorial Dear readers, spring is knocking on the door, and especially this year, more than any other, I strongly would have liked to write words of happiness after almost overcoming the sad Pandemic period but… another big problem is shaking the world. Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is deeply shaking public opinion, making us understand how the balance can be truly and sadly fragile. The word “war”, seen only on TV and confined to distant places, and among little-known peoples, is now behind our house, right behind the door that knocks heavily. This is not the context to talk about international politics, but in the pages of this Magazine you will read a touching interview with the famous Ukrainian violinist Anastasiya Petryshak, also chosen as the protagonist of our cover. In this issue our readers will also find other interesting topics such as an article on the world of cycling, its boom not only in chaotic metropolitan cities as the fastest way to get to work but also in the mountains or simply on “Go Green” holidays. We will also talk about; the past 72nd Sanremo A WORLD WITHOUT PEACE In partnership with 10 OI magazine

di Ilio MASPRONE iliomasprone@gmail.com www.iliomasprone.com Festival and the personal success of the host, Amadeus who gave the best of himself and, perhaps, he will conduct for the fourth time the Festival in the called “the city of flowers “, and about two personalities from the world of beauty and glamour: Eleonora Pieroni, Ambassador of Made in Italy in New York and Georgia Mos, an international DJ who sings behind the console: two beautiful women, but above all very smart. We will also talk about the recent Milan Fashion Week, finally in attendance, which anticipated and showed what will be the new fashion trends; about the Happiness Project, a journey in search of happiness, and of MilanCortina preparing for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. As always, you will find many other tips for your summer holidays to spend in our beautiful and peaceful country. 11 OI magazine

Tuttoe- BIKE

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THE POWER OF MUSIC Interview with Anastasiya Petryshak by Susanna GIUSTO Anastasiya Petryshak, 27, Ukrainian violinist of international fame, naturalized Italian, fears for the future of her war-torn country. “That morning my grandmother’s phone call woke us, announcing the news,” she told us, still incredulous. The musician, originally from Ivano-Frankivs’k, received the 2016 Award for “European Personality in the Field of Classical Music,” left Ukraine in 2005 to continue her violin studies in Italy, becoming the youngest student of Maestro Salvatore Accardo. Today she lives in Switzerland, has a brilliant international career, and an 8-month-old son, but she does not forget her roots and earnestly appeals to all mothers: “ We have to stick together to defend healthy values, educate our children for peace, respect, and protect the world we would like to leave for the next generation!” What was your first reaction upon hearing the news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine? My grandmother phoned me with the news. She told me they had bombed some strategic points in my hometown, Ivano Frankivsk. I was shocked ... sure, there have been tensions for a long time but I never thought, in 2022, it was possible to go this far. Do you have relatives or friends living there? How are they facing this terrible situation? Part of my family lives in Ukraine. My cousins were called up to defend the country. They are people like us, who from one day to the next were called to take up rifles and improvise to become soldiers. Who is ever ready to face a war? Not to mention the worry of wives, mothers and sisters ... it’s very admirable, however, to see the strong spirit, the resistance, the endurance and the will to protect one’s land.

At the age of 11 you left your country to continue your violin studies in Italy, to establish yourself and your career under the guidance of Maestro Salvatore Accardo. I suppose it was difficult to leave your homeland when you were still a child and start a new life elsewhere. What memories do you have from your childhood in Ukraine? How have you kept the link with your roots? It is never easy to leave your country, traditions, friendships and habits. Everything changes and the path to integrate is always uphill. But Italy was a dream for us, my parents wanted me to study in the land of art, music and culture. Thanks to them we were able to move, we faced all the difficulties and sacrifices with determination and optimism. I have many memories of my childhood. Violin lessons with my first teacher Marta Kalynchuk, competitions, trips to the countryside, singing and piano lessons, folklore and folk dance. I also have very vivid fragments of memories that will stay in my mind forever, like the sound of crunchy snow under my boots and the deep green of the leaves on the trees. I moved to Italy at the age of 11, but I have always maintained the relationship with my family and friends in Ukraine. I love to return there to play, often at charity events. I was supposed to play in Kiev in May for a charity event in support of orphaned children, organized by the Tulsun Foundation, and in June in Lviv with the National Philharmonic orchestra. In light of the current situation, do you find yourself thinking about what your life would be now had you taken a different path? Can it be said that music, in a way, has saved you? My mind doesn’t think in that way. I think a lot before making a decision but once I make it, I don’t second guess myself. There is already a lot to think about to build the future, and work to ensure every decision made becomes the right one. So, I never regretted moving, and in the same way, I never thought “luckily” I did it. It was a natural path. Music has always been my home and the violin has always been a part of me. Did it save me? I don’t know, but it certainly gave me a strong reason to live. What were the relations between Russians and Ukrainians before the war? Personally, I have never seen tension or negativity between the two peoples. I can say more, my brother Taras married a Russian girl and they have a gorgeous little girl. There are many families like this that are divided between the two countries. I think that neither the Russian nor the Ukrainian people want war. Recently, Russian maestro Valery Gergiev, a close friend of Putin, was fired from his orchestra and the La Scala theatre for refusing to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. What is your opinion? I don’t want to comment on the news without knowing the detailed story. I think the role of musicians is to protect art, not politics. I think it’s very dangerous to use music and culture as a political weapon. Music goes beyond everything, it is a universal language that should bring us together, not separate, it makes us reflect, and connect with something greater than us. I don’t like the growing hatred that also flows in the culture, which, in my opinion, should remain on another level. Music, like all forms of art, must be protected, out of politics or human chaos. It is wrong to forbid studying Dostoevsky or playing Shostakovich. Access to culture is important and must always be universal. 16 OI magazine

Moving stories arrive from the web that shows how music manages to make its way even in an inhuman and harrowing scenario like that of war. I am thinking, for example, of the pianist of Bila Cherkva who plays the piano, miraculously intact, in a house destroyed by bombing, or the girl who sings “Let it Go” in the Kiev bunker. Do you think that music can be considered a form of “resistance” against oppression? If so, how? Music has always been a universal language, both in times of peace and in times of war. I think that now more than ever we feel the need to express ourselves. This is especially true of the Ukrainian people, who have music in their blood. In every house you can hear people singing or playing, it is part of everyday life. I think that music can also be considered as an antidote, it can help to endure suffering, to console those who lose loved ones, to think beyond earthly and material life. But it can also give you courage, hope, energy and suggest answers to any questions you may have. In short, it’s a great help. We can see the strength of music even in past wars. In any dictatorship, music has always been censored for some reason. Those in power feared that compositions or harmonies could “awaken” people, give ideas or ways out. Besides being a concert artist, you teach at the Yamaha Music School in Zurich and give regular masterclasses. What is the most rewarding aspect of teaching for you? Since I was a child, I had the desire to teach. It is also thanks to my first teacher who left a strong mark on my musical life, and I have always wanted to do the same for my students. I experienced first-hand the various difficulties in growing musically and I learned a lot during my studies. I was also lucky enough to meet excellent music masters who helped me train and become a professional musician. I would like to be able to do the same for my students, share my knowledge, motivate them to face different obstacles, and guide them to become allaround musicians. During your career, you have played prestigious stages around the world; in Europe, the United States, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and South Africa. In 2013 you also performed in Sanremo alongside Andrea Bocelli, with whom you have been collaborating for twelve years. It is said that the Ariston stage has something special and magical and that it intimidates even the most experienced artists. What memory do you have of the Sanremo experience? I have very pleasant memories, a beautiful theatre and a festival followed all over the world. I was 18 and I still remember the emotion of getting on that stage. I was already collaborating with Andrea Bocelli, an artist and person who I respect very much, I still remember the rehearsals and the preparation of the event; It was a great experience. I hope to be able to play again in this fascinating theatre. Do you have any musical initiatives planned to support Ukraine in this difficult moment? When a people suffer unjustly, especially because it is the country of my childhood, I feel called to the cause. I currently have charity concerts planned to support Ukraine in France, Italy, and Spain. In the program I have included Ukrainian music. I am also preparing videos with the music of Ukrainian composers (like Skoryk or Lysenko) to make them better known, give hope, courage and send a message of closeness to all those who suffer this unjust war. In my opinion, art is essential for preventing wars because it increases sensitivity, empathy, and all those values that make us human. What plea would you like to make to help the Ukrainian people? As the mother of an 8-month-old baby I feel the need to think about the next generation. I would therefore like to appeal to all mothers. We have to stick together to defend healthy values, educate our children for peace, respect, and protect the world we would like to leave for the next generation! 18 OI magazine

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Milan Fashion Week (Settimana della moda) is a clothing trade show held every six months in Milan: spring / summer fashion is presented in September / October, while autumn / winter fashion is presented in January / February. The so-called fashion and high fashion circuit begins in New York, followed by London and Milan while the end of the event takes place in Paris. In these cities, the protagonists are the stylists, the top models, and the guests who participate in the collateral events. Fashion Week offers, the great Maison Haut Couture, the opportunity to confirm themselves as giants of high fashion, and presenting their new fantastic collections that will colour the windows and illuminate the eyes of fashion lovers as well as to meet new stylists and their proposals. This year’s edition, saw many novelties such as the “Dolce & Gabbana” collection which, embracing the metaverse, presented more than ninety garments, a huge futuristic collection very appreciated by the American actress and former model, Sharon Stone and Kim Jones, creative director of Fendi, that diving in the Fendi archive, has reinterpreted Maison’s iconic collections in a modern key with a return to transparencies worn by the top model Bella Hadid who opened and closed the show. The importance of the event, that has just ended, is indisputable, since it is the first post Covid edition with a physical public, even if access was limited to holders of the super green pass, and has seen the return of many brands that did not like past digital editions like Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Diesel, Trussardi. This edition also marked a new era for the Trussardi fashion house. With the support of the new CEO Sebastian Suhl, who joined the team in 2019, a creative restyling was presented that also involved the logo, the greyhound, a symbol of class and elegance, that it was modernized, becoming a circular element that alludes to the cyclical renewal of life. To close, what should have been celebrated as the fashion week of the restart, was the Giorgio Armani fashion show, which also marked a decisive moment in the history of fashion. The “King” of Italian fashion, in fact, has decided not

to use any type of music as a sign of respect for all the people involved in the tragedy taking place in Ukraine. Among the guests of Giorgio Armani Liliana Segre the Italian senator for life and the actress Anne Hathaway which both, during the interviews, called for an end to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Many famous people took part in the numerous fashion shows of this edition of Fashion Week 2022 such as the entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni who together with her husband rapper Fedez and her sister Valentina attended several fashion shows wearing breath-taking dresses combined with always different hairstyles and make-up. Popstar Rihanna followed the Gucci show straight from the front row with a look that proudly showcased her pregnancy. But also, the American actress Julianne Moore with a simple and refined look, the singers Emma Marrone and Achille Lauro, both competitors of the 2022 edition of the Italian Song Festival of Sanremo, Elisabetta Canalis, Italian soubrette, and many others. Among the collateral events of the Fashion Week, it is worth mentioning the fashion show held at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, by Ennio Capasa, president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion (an association that aims to promote Italian fashion and made in Italy as well as Italian textiles industry in the world), who has re-proposed himself as a stylist by launching a new brand, the Capasa Milano. Among the emerging designers, we can mention some: Daniel Del Core, former designer of the Gucci house, with his brand Del Core, during his debut at Milan Fashion Week, dressed the models with particular stitched dresses, composed

of rigid lines that contrast with soft lines that reshape the body, even using ornamental decorations. Alfredo Cortes, creative director of AC9 brand, decided to present a collection that represents the first emotions he felt when he arrived in Milan in March 2010. Its garments are characterized by a particular versatility that allows them to be worn on different occasions and in different periods of the year. Cormio and Vitelli two knitwear brands, Alessandro Vigilante who reworks the leotards of the dance world to transform them into tops or dresses. Marco Rambaldi, one of the most acclaimed new generation designers on the Italian scene, brought on the Milanese catwalks knitted dresses that are modelled on more physicality. Among the most influential designers we cannot fail to mention the stylist Salvo Rizza, mind and founder of the Des Phemmes maison, who presented apparently bon ton style garments, as well as Francesco Murano and Andrea Adamo. In recent years, we can say that many designers have wanted to go beyond the creation of clothes, venturing into the creation of “works” to be worn with recycled fabrics and sustainable materials, in the name of greenery and ecology. An example is the consortium founded in 1985 which brings together seven Tuscan leather goods companies: Cuoio di Toscana, a brand that has been dedicated to this delicate topic for a long time. Cuoio (hide leather), the Consortium explain to us, is a super green material, derived from leftovers and tanned with vegetable products. The Cuoio di Toscana brand appeared at the Milan Fashion Week supported by the Italian singer Noemi, who after participating in the Sanremo Festival edition 2022, as a guest and testimonial of the brand sang at the Grand Hotel et de Milan, in the presence of many “ big “, like Carlo Capasa, brother of the stylist and designer Ennio Capasa. Fashion week ended on 8 March with the last stage in Paris, held in “hybrid” mode, with some stylists in attendance and others digitally. Attended haute couture brands such as: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Christian Dior and many others. With the hope that the next fashion tour will resume with the first show in New York in a totally in person mode and without wars, we close with the words that Coco Chanel would say if she were among us: “To be irreplaceable you must always be different” and this 2022 edition proved it to us.

NEWYORK - ROME. Almost seven thousand kilometers separate Foligno, a town in the heart of an Umbrian valley, from New York, the Big Apple emblem of the American dream, where model, actress and TV host Eleonora Pieroni has lived and worked for several years. The beautiful Italian girl from Marche has managed to pursue a brilliant career while maintaining the bond with her roots, becoming a testimonial of the “Made in Italy” in the States. At home, Eleonora (Ele) is a former Miss Mare Blue Italia and finalist at Miss World Italia. Eleonora has been featured in advertising campaigns for major fashion brands in Italy and U.S. published in international media including Vanity Fair, La Sposa, Vogue America, Elle, Ocean Drive Miami. She is model for brands such as Domenico Vacca, Brunello Cucinelli, Cruciani, Roberto Cavalli, Impero Couture, Ferragamo, Ermanno Scervino, Lacoste, La Martina, Chopard, Avakian Geneve, and for beauty brands like Wella, Cotril, Oreal and others. Eleonora works for a lot of Bridal brands among which Pronovias, Elisabetta Polignano, Cristiano Lucci, Antonio Riva, Nicole. Eleonora is graduated in Science of Education and Psychology with a thesis in Autism, she has an acting degree from Roberto Rossellini Academy in Rome and from New York Film Academy. She also studied with Susan Batson (Nicole Kidman’s coach) and Larry Moss (Leonardo Di Caprio’s coach) in New York as well. Eleonora has acted in several movies and music videos among which the video for the song ‘No me Acuerdo’ by ‘Thalia and Natty Natasha’, the music video for ‘IL VOLO & Gente de zona‘ – ‘Noche sin dìa‘, and the last video music ‘Scusami‘ as main actress for the italian singer Stefano Del Bravo https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC01AEWj8to. Recently, Eleonora Pieroni recorded an Italian / English single of Domenico Modugno’s “Volare” available on iTunes https:// soundcloud.com/tazmaniarecords/eleonora-pieroni-volare. She acted in TV series and movies in Italy among which the acclaimed TV series called ‘Don Matteo’ with Terence Hill, ‘Una pallottola nel cuore’ and many others. Eleonora acted also in Italian movies like ‘Dante Alighieri’ directed by the master Pupi Avati with Sergio Castellitto and Alessandro Sperduti, ‘Copperman’ with the famous actor Luca Argentero; ‘Born two times’; ‘Don’t follow me’; and in several TV series. Eleonora starred also in the movies like: ‘State of Consciousness’ “, an Italian American production shot in Puglia in Bari with the Hollywood actor Emile Hirsch; ‘The Duel of Wine’; ‘Paper Empire’ tv series for NetFlix and many others. Eleonora is also a TV host and presenter for numerous Festivals and events. She presented for all the editions the Festival ‘Italy On Screen Today’, the event at the Columbia University dedicate to the soprano ‘Maria Callas’ and the Gala dedicated to ‘The ELEONORA PIERONI IN NEW YORK Ambassador of the “Made in Italy” in the Big Apple By Alessandra LUTI 28 OI magazine

school of Italy Guglielmo Marconi NY’. Host of the I-Italy web TV in New York, in the summer of 2021 she was godmother and presenter of the ‘Ortigia Film Festival’ in Sicily and of the ‘Umbria cinema Festival’. In addition, Eleonora presented the “Global short films Award” in Cannes during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, ‘The Italian Movie Award’ in Naples and the ‘Music Piper Festival’. In 2018 Eleonora was also the organizer and godmother of “La Giostra della Quintana di Foligno in New York”, a great promotional event for the Umbria Region during which a costumed delegation of 70 people was parading on the traditional Columbus Day in Fifth Avenue. She also enjoyed conducting the ‘Excellence Food’ cooking show with great Masterchefs, a full immersion in kitchens from all over the world. Today Eleonora lives between Rome and New York, and having always been committed to creating a cultural bridge between her homeland and the United States, she writes for her on-line column called “An Italian woman in New York” http://www. tgregione.it/category/unitaliana-a-new-york/# She also has a YouTube channel “ELEONORA PIERONI LIVE” where she talks about lifestyle, fashion, travel, Italian recipes and her life between Italy and the United States https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCwui9KNjtuVAuB8OZ4Sz2Gw offering a precious testimony of the social cross-section and the life of Italians in America. In the social field, she is committed to supporting various charity associations for children, she has recently given her support to the “Safe Passage Association” in New York that protects women who have suffered domestic violence, and she is a representative of the “Italian Women in New York” for which she was awarded at the “World Tolerance Summit 2019” in Dubai. For her artistic career and for being a great promoter of Made in Italy in the United States, Eleonora recently received an award from New York City as “Italian Ambassador who promotes Made in Italy and Italian culture in the United States”. From the Vatican City to Rome live streaming fromWashington DC, Eleonora received the “Italian Excellence” Award. Finally, Eleonora loves singing, dancing, boxing and cooking. IMBD: https://www.imdb.com/name/ nm6884679/ WEBSITE: www.eleonorapieroni.com Instagram: @eleonora_pieroni 60k followers. The entire life of Eleonora Pieroni, who left her small Foligno to become a star of the international showbiz, is truly worthy of a movie’s subject.

The 72nd edition of the annual Sanremo Music Festival held in the Teatro Ariston of Sanremo between 1 and 5 February 2022. The artistic director and the host for the competition was Amadeus, for the third consecutive year together with five cohosts. Ornella Muti, Lorena Cesarini, Drusilla Foer, Maria Chiara Giannetta and the last night Sabrina Ferilli. All the nights have been interesting and full of emotions, but the last one to decide the winner is full of suspense. This year the last evening of the Sanremo Festival, like a football final, has opened with the Italian anthem played by the Guardia di Finanza band. As always, the host Amadeus continued the kermess asking for the audience’s first applause for the Sanremo Festival Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Leonardo De Amicis. Thanks to the performances of the previous evenings, it was clear that the singers had by now become very familiar with the stage and so that the first singer, Rkomi, runs 72nd ITALIAN SONG FESTIVAL Amazing Amadeus and thrilling ending By Enrica GUIDOTTI 30 OI magazine

away and goes to sing in the audience, and Amadeus calling him “My personal trainer” remembering the push-ups made with him the third evening. Aka7even greets his parents in the audience, saying: “If I am here, it is thanks to them”, Dargen D’Amico does not spare a dig at the Italian government “which forgets the small musical realities”, Massimo Ranieri shouts “Papalina” to help the nephews to score points at the FantaSanremo game, Michele Bravi gives his flowers to Mara Venier, defined her “the aunt of all of Italy” who was sitting in the front row with all the rest of the Rai management. The cohost of the evening was Sabrina Ferilli, at her third Sanremo she asked Amadeus how he can work so many hours on television. Always nice and not at all trivial, Ferilli hypothesized that her monologue could have touched on many major civil subjects, such as the disparity between men and women, love addictions, web-know-it-all, but being respectful of skills, she said that everyone must talk about what they know and quotes Calvino’s sentence:” Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficiality, but a gliding over things from above, without letting things weigh on your heart.” The singers continued the contest, and that of the extravagant clothes was contested between Irama, covered by chains, Michele Bravi with a black half cloak that made him look like a viscount, and The Representative of List dressed in a short and very wide skirt resembling a paper template Mahmood and Blanco, one in a shirt, tie and maxi skirt, the other in transparent white lace, presented themselves on stage with two sparkling bmx bikes, the “diamond bikes” of their 31 OI magazine

video clip. Their song Brividi (Shivers) was immediately liked, it has always been in the first three position in the charts of all nights, and the millions of plays and web views have established an unreachable gap with the other artists in competition. The super guest of the fifth evening was Marco Mengoni, who shared the stage with Filippo Scotti, a very young actor starring in Sorrentino’s latest film. Both together with Amadeus talked about the haters problem and Scotti recited a poem by the poet Franco Armirio. Then Mengoni sang L’essenziale (The essential), the song with which he won the Sanremo Festival nine years ago, and after his last song, Mi fiderò (I will trust you). After the performance of some singers, the national rhythmic gymnastics team of the Le Farfalle (Butterflies) was staged. With their ribbons, they performed on the notes of Diana Ross’ Upside down. The fifth evening of the Festival paid tribute to Lucio Dalla that Ferilli recalls that he performed for the last time in Sanremo and also to Raffaella Carrà, the great artist who has always known how to reach the hearts of the public. Amadeus remembers 60 million records sold and his songs, which still continue to be played and danced around the world. After the performance of Orietta Berti and Fabio Rovazzi the winners of the various prizes are announced; Critics’ Award, Massimo Ranieri, Gianni Morandi won the “Lucio Dalla” Press Room Award, the Sergio Bardotti Award for the best text was won by Fabrizio Moro, and Elisa received the Giancarlo Bigazzi Award by the orchestra of Rai. When Gianni Morandi’s 32 OI magazine

third place is announced, he points out that there are three generations on stage: that of the “old” like him, the intermediate like the singer ELisa and finally the young. Then finally the verdict: Mahmood and Blanco are the winners of the 72nd edition of the Italian Festival, and we can say that Ama concluded the week in Sanremo, winner too: for the stellar ratings, which confirm the Sanremo Festival as the highest national television custom, capable to attract attention of the country, reflecting its mood and evolution, from the beginnings of television to today’s digital effects technology. But above all for the ability to abolish the distinction between audience in the Ariston theatre and those at home on the sofa, intelligently using social media and fads, such as memes or the online game Fanta Sanremo The result is that while the Festival was considered old stuff by young people, today the hard core of the public seems to be the youngest. And finally, for the choice of the co-hosts who shared the stage with him: different, but united by undoubted talent and professionalism, which made the Festival a great popular, magical and light festival, without any loss of style. Will there be an Amadeus number 4? Not easy to say. Certainly, we mere mortals will return to talk about Covid, numbers, infections, jobs, green passes. While we would only like to sing the song “Dove si balla”. In any case at the end, we just have to say: good Amadeus, you won too, and maybe we will meet again. 33 OI magazine

Strattoria Piazza Gnemmi, 4 - Montrigiasco di Arona (NO) Tel. +39 0322 57142 strattoriaarona@gmail.com STRATTORIA RESTAURANT Chef Alessio Rossi's creative cuisine Tradition and innovation are the principles on which the cuisine of chef Alessio Rossi of the Strattoria restaurant is based. Located in Montrigiasco, a small district of Arona, Strattoria is a restaurant that offers a cuisine linked to the tradition of the territory, and at the same time, modern creative and with a personal touch allowing it to obtain the Slow Food brand. Attentive to the quality of the products, to the seasonality, to the territoriality of the raw materials, Strattoria proposes in its constantly updated menu, strictly handmade pasta according to the best Piedmontese tradition, freshwater fish and fassona meat, purchased directly from the breeders. Even the cellar, which reflects the philosophy of protecting the territory, provides a wide selection of labels of great classics, organic wines and lesserknown wines, from large and small companies in Piedmont with the FIVI logo, that protects their history. The use of excellent raw materials, for the creation of refined dishes, the refined and relaxing environment together with an impeccable and attentive service, make this restaurant a must. 35 OI magazine

Corso Imperatrice, 80 I-18038 Sanremo (IM) Tel. +39 0184 5391 Fax +39 0184 661445 reservations@royalhotelsanremo.com royalhotelsanremo.com royalwellness.it N. 1763 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Ristorante Baia Blu - Piazza Due Vele, 07021 Baja Sardinia SS - Ph. + 39 0789 99085 BAIA BLU RESTAURANT Mediterranean cuisine in a restaurant in Baja Sardinia Surrounded by the enchanting natural setting of Baja Sardinia, in a pretty square overlooking the sea, the historic Baia Blu Restaurant is an unmissable stop for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, greedy for fish and shellfish, but who absolutely do not disdain meat as well. The menu offers tasty dishes based on tradition but mixed with new and refined flavours. The offer, of the restaurant, is mainly based on seafood recipes, by the inspiration of chef Giuseppe Botta, rich in diversity and made with quality raw materials: from lobsters to bottarga, from shellfish to sea urchins, up to tuna and swordfish. In each dish it is perceived that the culture of food expands beyond the borders to meet other southern countries. At Baia Blu the pasta is strictly handmade as well as the typical desserts, which are very pleasant temptations. A refined environment that highlights the attention to small details, together with an attentive and fast service, followed by the historical Elia Passerò, complete the offer of this restaurant in Baja Sardinia that we recommend to those looking for the "cult" dishes of the Sardinian seafaring tradition. 37 OI magazine


39 Known by many names; “Velocipede”, “hobby horse”, “draisine” and “racing car”, the bicycle, as we know it today, a two-wheeler that requires balancing by the cyclist, date back to the early nineteenth century. The continuous evolution of bicycles to meet the different needs of cyclists has brought to the market different types of bicycles, for all needs. Today, bicycles are used every day on all continents, especially in the most populous cities, being a fast, flexible, and reliable way to get around the city. The bicycle has therefore assumed an increasingly important role in urban spaces. Furthermore, the anxiety about public transport caused by the Covid pandemic and the awareness of having to protect our planet from air pollution and CO2 emissions have contributed to a further increase in bicycle sales. As a result, many cities have redesigned their streets by adding hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths. But the bicycle is increasingly popular not only for daily by Patty GARIPOLI

40 commuting but also during holidays. Cycling holidays are a wonderful way to get closer to nature but also to discover the history, culture and traditions of a place. There is no better way to discover Italy than by bicycle. No place like Italy allows you to see unique wonders. Whether we are talking about road bikes, mountain bikes, gravels or e-bikes, few countries lend themselves more to cycling holidays than Italy: the beauty of the landscapes, the artistic, cultural, food and wine offerings, the mild climate. How to organize your trip, what do you need? Essential baggage, a first aid kit for you and your bike and a set itinerary. From north to south each Italian region offers both paved and country cycle paths. The Ciclopista del Sole (eurovelo 7) is the longest cycle path in Italy. It measures 3000 km and crosses the peninsula from the border with Austria (Brenner) to the Sicilian coast. The Ciclopista del Sole is part of the European cycle path, EuroVelo 7, which connects the North Cape to Malta via Italy. At the moment most of the routes of the Ciclopista del Sole are not real cycle paths but dirt roads and country roads where you ride in the silence of nature. Unfortunately, the cycle path from Rome to Naples is not yet a safe route for cyclists.

41 You don’t need to be a great athlete to cover some stages of the Ciclopista del Sole, a bicycle, suitable clothing and a great desire to pedal. In Emilia Romagna, for example, a new section of the Ciclopista del Sole has just been inaugurated, suitable for enthusiasts and beginners, because it is completely flat. In Emilia Romagna, for example, a new section of the Ciclovia del Sole has just been inaugurated, suitable for enthusiasts and beginners, because it is completely flat, all perfectly beaten and signposted routes, well-lit and equipped rest areas including wi-fi and kit repairs, specific signs for bikers and 22 tourist totems to indicate where to stop and what to visit. A spectacular cycle route, inserted among the most fascinating mountains in the world, is the cycle path of the Dolomites. From Dobbiaco to Calalzo di Cadore, from Tofane to Marmarole, passing at the foot of the Pelmo, Sorapis and Antelao mountains, where the Dolomite peaks emerge from dense woods and are reflected in lakes and streams. Cycling in the Dolomites is a unique experience that will make you discover the architectural beauties, traditions, and flavours of these places. Cycling in the Dolomites is a unique experience that will make you discover the architectural beauties, tra-

42 OI magazine ditions, and flavours of these places, passing by municipalities such as Cortina, the queen of Dolomites, and among the most pleasant tourist resorts in the Belluno area (San Vito di Cadore, Borca di Cadore, Vodo di Cadore, Valle di Cadore, etc.). The Trentino offers a very dense network of cycling paths; its network connects the most important areas of the province. This Region is an incredible area for the beauty of its natural scenery, where you can take advantage of a wide choice of cycle paths and cycling routes considered among the most beautiful in Italy (Val d’Adige Cycle track, Valgarina Cycle Valsugana cycle track, etc). For further information, I suggest visiting the website page www.trentino.com. While mountain bikers prefer the famous trails that lead to Monte Baldo and Tremalzo, families, and lovers of easier routes prefer the dense network of trails in Lake Garda. On Lake Garda, bike enthusiasts have a wide choice of cycle paths to go through. But the big news is that here you can find what is called the most beautiful cycle path in the world: the Garda by Bike. Garda by Bike is a 190 km cycle path around Lake Garda and embraces the shores of Trentino, Lombardy and Veneto. In the province of Brescia, (89 Km) the cycle / pedestrian itinerary crosses the municipalities of Desenzano, Sirmione, Lonato, Padenghe, Moniga and Manerba del Garda, the ter-

43 OI magazine ritories of San Felice del Benaco, and, of the Alto Garda Park, Salò, Gardone Riviera, Toscolano-Maderno, Gargnano, Tignale, Tremosine sul Garda, Limone sul Garda. Between Gargnano and Limone sul Garda the cycle path (27 Km) climbs up into the mountains and becomes demanding, and is therefore recommended for more experienced cyclists; for those who are unable to sustain the climb, they can use the boats. In the province of Verona, the route (69 Km) crosses the territories of Peschiera del Garda, Castelnuovo del Garda, Lazise, Bardolino, Garda, Torri del Benaco, Brenzone, Malcesine, partly joining the Ciclopista del Sole. In the province of Trento, the route crosses the municipalities of Riva del Garda, Nago-Torbole. In addition to giving tourists a breath-taking view, the new cycle-pedestrian path is also beautiful to see: the flooring was made with a material similar to wood, but resistant to bad weather. The most popular stretch of Lake Garda by bike is the suspended cycle path of Limone, the starting point of Garda by Bike. Here you will experience the sensation of ‘walking’ by bike on water. You can reach the Limone cycle path by car or by boat and ferry and then continue by bike. The track is also open in the evening to be able to ride in the moonlight. The route ends at the border with Riva del Garda and those who want to continue will have to do so on the very busy provincial road. The advice for less experienced cyclists, and for families with children, is to return to Limone by retracing the wonderful suspended cycle path. For more information and to download the Garda By Bike map, we recommend visiting the website: https://www.provincia.brescia.it/cittadino/sport-e-associazioni/notizia/garda-bike-un-anello-ciclabile-di-190-km-attornoal-lago-di

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47 Lake Garda, also called Benàco is the largest Italian lake. Located at the foot of the Alps, three Italian Regions are reflected in its waters: Lombardia, Veneto, and Trentino, Of glacial origin, this lake is captivating for its mild climate, but also thanks to the huge variety of sports that can be practiced on and around the lake. Particularly in the northern part of the lake, which is closed to motorboats, optimal conditions prevail for water sports of all kinds. This part of the lake is literally teeming with windsurfers, kite surfers, and sailors. To have a different view of the blue of the lake, scuba diving is the perfect way to discover the treasures of its seabed or take a paragliding flight from the top of Monte Baldo to admire the incomparable beauty of Lake Garda. If you love nature and greenery, the surrounding mountains and hills offer the possibility of excursions around the lake and plateaus, go horse riding to discover the most isolated corners of Garda or relax with a game of golf. MounGARDA UNICO S.C.R.L. - AGENZIA PER LA PROMOZIONE E COMMERCIALIZZAZIONE DEL LAGO DI GARDA Largo Medaglie d’Oro al V.M., 5 38066 - Riva del Garda (TN) Tel. +39 0464 550728 - Fax +39 0464 520308 P.I. 02081030229 segreteria@visitgarda.com - www.visitgarda.com Lake Garda is an endless source of ideas for your holidays… the expanse of water and variety of countryside make the area a real outdoor recreation ground. Lovers of sport, of the beach but also of relaxation, spend their holidays at the lake every year.

48 tain bike enthusiasts can venture along the over 1000 km of marked trails and the more athletic will find around Arco one of the best destinations for free climbing areas in Europe. Here there are excellent schools of free climbing and perfect practice walls. In addition to the extensive sports program, the region around Lake Garda impresses visitors with its unique natural scenery with beautiful mountain ranges to the north and plains to the south. The Monte Baldo on the eastern shore is also home to many unique and rare plant species that can only be found here with this density. On the western shore, the high plateaus of Tignale and Tremosine are ideal for hiking and walking. For those looking for a cultural holiday, around the lake there are also several places of interest including the medieval historic centres of Riva, Sirmione, Malcesine, mighty Scaliger castles, beautiful walks, lemon groves, monasteries, mills, and more. Bike Center Limone Via IV Novembre, 29 - 25010 Limone sul Garda BS Mob. +39 338 4819562 ------- Tombola Rent Via L. Einaudi, 1/b - 25010 Limone sul Garda (BS) Mob. +39 331 2542061 info@tombolarent.it - www.tombolarent.it TOMBOLA RENT E BIKE CENTER LIMONE If your next holiday destination is Garda, don't miss a suggestive ride overlooking the lake.Susann awaits you at the Bike Center Limone to give you useful information on the cycle paths as well as providing you with the bike that best suits your needs, chosen from the many models of E-Bike, City Bike and MTB available in the rental. If on the contrary you are a lover of engines, always in Limone del Garda, at Tombola Rent, it is possible to rent cars, quads, motorcycles and scooters to discover all the extraordinary cities, villages and localities around Lake Garda and its hinterland. Bike rental in Limone for a ride overlooking the lake

49 OI magazine Lido Palace Viale Carducci, 10 - 38066 Riva del Garda (TN) Ph +39 0464 021899 - Fax +39 0464 021800 info@lido-palace.it- www.lido-palace.it LIDO PALACE Elegant and relaxing stay at the Lido Palace in Riva del Garda Opened in 1899 to rival with the best hotels in Europe, at the beginning of 1900 Lido Palace became a legendary property. Located in Riva, in one of the most striking location on Lake Garda, and holiday retreat of the Hapsburg Royal Family, the upper middle class, artists and philosophers, Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka and Friedrich Nietzsche amongst others, the hotel was pervaded by the allure of the Belle Époque. Its beautiful Liberty style has been brought back, restored, polished and enhanced by the contrast with resins, metal and glass. After over two years of an accurate refurbishment, the Lido Palace unveils its beauty, today just like yesterday, an austere but irresistible charm, a refined elegance, first five-star luxury property in the Trentino Region. A contemporary design for the 42 rooms with striking views over the lake and the surrounding mountains, the two restaurants “Tremani”, and “Il re della Busa” both hosted in a modern steel and glass structure bow shaped; the Centoundici’s (CXI) state-of-the-art Spa, over 1500 sqm featuring its own exclusive treatments, an innovative sauna area and two swimming pools, a large private park, over 12,000 square meters. All this in a natural setting that delights the senses, with a flawless service, between extreme attention to detail and the smile of those who love taking care of their guests above eveything else.