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MECHINI The ancient knowledge of iron working merges with the modern and contemporary taste to give life to real lighting works of art. Since 1970, Mechini's Made in Italy chandeliers have made Italian craftsmanship great on the international market and are capable of illuminating any environment with style, taste and elegance. The proposal is multiple, a perfect fusion of past, present and future. It is enough to browse through the collections of the Florentine company to understand the unique design, the quality of the materials, but above all the absolutely original chromatic and ornamental effects. The new collection of handmade Swarovski crystal chandeliers is extraordinary: a limited edition, designed to embellish the most exclusive homes. As stated by Andrea Mechini, CEO of the company: "A real storm of brilliance able of creating a truly glamorous atmosphere". The Made in Italy Mechini chandeliers can be purchased directly at the beautiful showroom in Florence (also available for virtual tours) or through agents worldwide. All of their handcrafted creations can be modified in size and colour and, upon request, Mechini can produce customized chandeliers. Mechini Via Del Roseto 56 (Località Vallina) - 50012 Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) Ph. +39 055 671458 - info@mechini.com www.mechini.com Made in Italy chandeliers: Mechini, Italian lighting designers 8 OI magazine

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ORIZZONTE ITALIA Magazine 34 rd. ISSUE October 2023 Publisher and ADV sales Company ORIZZONTE ITALIA Dario Sala Via V. Caldesi, 4/A 47923 RIMINI (RN) Tel. +39 0541 1815670 Tel. +39 039 9714666 www.orizzonteitalia.com Head Editor Dario Sala Editor-in- Chief Ilio Masprone Chief Financial O cer Dario Sala Art Director and Graphic Designer Roberto Passeri Marketing Manager Laura Garipoli WEB Manager Luana Lombardini Contributors, Freelancers, Journalists: Patrizia Garipoli, Patrizia Parenti Marco Giovenco, Alessandra Luti Enrico Guidotti, Graziella Marchi, Carlotta Lombardo, Viktoria Nuzzi, Stefania Passeri, Manuela Pedini, Ginevra Sala, Patrizia Ciechi Crepaz Photographers: Gabriele Passeri Translators Raissa Koukouchkina Marina Orhei Overseas Representation: Russian Area Danilo Facconi - Mariam Zoizde Asian Area Chang Chenyu e Wenwen Zu Registration N° 5, August 10 th 2017 c/o the Court of Rimini. www.orizzonteitalia.com orizzonteitaliamagazine Images property of: www.visittrentino.info/it - www.dolomiti.it - www.valgardena.it - www.gettyimages.it - APT Bormio - APT Val di Fassa - APT Livigno-ArchiviofotograficoCervinoSpA-AziendaperilTurismoMadonnadiCampiglio-APTRavenna-Fotowww.bormio. eu - IDM Sudtirol Alto Adige - Consorzio Cervino Turismo - Alex Filz - www.huskyvillage.eu - G. Meneghello - Ute Dandrea - www.bandion.it - www.alefaedda.com - CortinaMarketingSe.Am - Paola Dandrea - HM&C apt - Freddy Planinschek - A. Incontri - Consorzio Turistico Alta Badia - Caspar Diederik - Consorzio Turistico Alta Pusteria - Cortina Turismo - CSC Centro Servizi Courmayeur - Regione Lombardia (Promozione Attività Turistica) - Trentino Marketing S.p.A. - Roby Trab - Chiara Zaccarelli - Wikipedia - Chanel - Mattia Davare Distribution: The copies of OI Magazine are available in all the activities and hotels present in the Magazine, as well distributed at the following International Touristic Exhibitions: TTG (Rimini) - ITB ASIA (Singapore) WTM (London) - ITB (Berlin) - COTTM (Beijing) ORIZZONTE ITALIA N° 34 - October 2023 oi SUMMARY All the runway shows of MILAN FASHION WEEK ‘23 “You Are Better Than Me”: The Romantic Life of DANIELA DELLE CAVE ITALIAN MOUNTAIN DESTINATIONS Ski slopes and more... THE MALE TRADITIONAL COSTUMES OF VAL GARDENA ALTA BADIA: A Corner of Paradise in the Dolomites GARDENA DOLLS BY JUDITH SOTRIFFER A Centennial Legacy Continues to Amaze VAL VENOSTA: a winter paradise for outdoor enthusiasts RENON: a perfect blend of nature, culture and culinary delights VAL DI FASSA: A Journey into the Trentine Dolomites TRENTINO SKIING GEMS Campiglio, Val Rendena, and Val di Sole CORTINA and the enchantment of THE DOLOMITES A Journey through Elegance and Nature Green Heart of Italy: THE VALTELLINA EXPLORING the rich tapestry of ITALIAN COFFEE: Unveiling 5 Must-Try Coffee Brands ARTISTI D’ITALIA E SVIZZERA 2023 16 24 32 56 62 74 78 82 84 98 106 112 128 133

LEADER IN LUXURY CAR RENTAL Via Crocicchio dell’Oro 20, Campi Bisenzio (Fi), Italy - Ph: +39 331 7064947 - +39 351 9745110 info@tuscanyvipservice.com - www.tuscanyvipservice.com

editorial Welcome aboard our exclusive journey through the magnificence of Italy, where the fashion of Milan blends with the majestic peaks of the Italian mountains. OI Magazine is pleased to present its edition dedicated to the unique encounter between style and nature, from the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week to the captivating Italian mountain destinations. We begin our journey in the heart of Italian fashion, with a keen focus on Milan Fashion Week. The spotlight shines on the latest trends, bold creations, and industry artists as we immerse ourselves in a world of elegance and innovation. A conversation with Alessandra Luti provides us with an insider’s view of the world of Italian high fashion, highlighting how “Made in Italy” is synonymous with class and sophistication. Shifting our gaze from the catwalks to the grandeur of the Italian mountains, from Val Gardena to Alta Badia, we explore destinations that capture the soul with their pristine beauty and the unique atmosphere that only mountains can offer, all while embracing tradition. Patrizia Crepaz, an expert historian of traditional costumes in Val Gardena, guides us to discover the traditional male costumes of Val Gardena, witnesses to a rich history and timeless grace. In Val Gardena, Judith Sotriffer reveals the eternal charm of Gardena dolls, a centuries-old legacy that continues to enchant. In partnership with JOURNEY T ITALIAN EXC FASHION AND 12 OI magazine

by Ilio MASPRONE iliomasprone@gmail.com www.iliomasprone.com From art to architecture, Val Venosta unveils its timeless beauty, inviting us to explore hidden treasures and immerse ourselves in its rich cultural heritage. Our adventure continues to Renon, a place that captivates with its harmonious combination of pristine nature, fascinating culture, and culinary delights. We traverse the valleys to discover the timeless beauty of Val di Fassa, a hidden gem among the majestic Dolomites in Trentino. For winter sports enthusiasts, we explore the skiing gems in Trentino, from Campiglio to Val Rendena and Val di Sole, where the adventure on skis meets breathtaking beauty. A glimpse into the future takes us to Cortina, preparing for 2026, offering a preview of the extraordinary Olympic adventure that awaits. We explore the green heart of Italy in Valtellina, where untouched nature intertwines with culinary tradition, providing a taste of authenticity and beauty. We conclude our journey with an Italian coffee, exploring the rich tapestry of must-try coffee brands that define the authentic Italian taste. In OI Magazine, we are committed to bringing you Italian excellence, seamlessly blending fashion and mountains. Welcome to a world where style and nature dance together, creating a unique and unforgettable harmony. THROUGH CELLENCE IN D MOUNTAINS 13 OI magazine

ALDROVANDI LUXURY APARTMENTS B&B in Bologna: 3 Suites for a Luxury Holiday in the City of Towers Aldrovandi Luxury Apartments is a B&B in Bologna located within an elegant 19th-century condominium, located in the "little Paris," namely the beautiful Piazza Ulisse Aldrovandi. Its location, just a few steps away from Piazza Maggiore, the Basilica of San Petronio, and the Asinelli and Garisenda Towers, is perfect for those who wish to discover the treasures of the city and immerse themselves in its daily life. Refined, modern, quiet, and finely renovated, its 3 suites—Centaura, Achillea, and Celidonia—can comfortably accommodate from 3 to 4 people. All apartments are also equipped with courtesy kits, appliances, independent heating, a safe, and security devices. To enhance your stay in this B&B in Bologna, you can also request exclusive services offered by the property, such as massages, breakfast and aperitifs in the room, as well as private transfer to/from the train station/airport. Aldrovandi Luxury Apartments Piazza Aldrovandi, 19 - 40126 Bologna (BO) Ph. +39 051 6569781 14 OI magazine

Sartoria gastronomica Ph.+39 348 3672407 - info@sartoriagastronomica.it SARTORIA GASTRONOMICA SARTORIA IL CHIOSCO Quality Butcher Shop and Grill in the Centre of Bologna Sartoria Gastronomica opens a new space featuring a high-quality butcher's shop and grill in the centre of Bologna. Thanks to a large display window overlooking Piazza Aldrovandi, even passersby can choose their meat directly to be cooked on the grill and enjoyed at the table. The offering is extensive and includes meats from various origins, such as the Spanish Rubia Gallega and local sausages (produced in-house) with wild fennel or spicy flavorings. There are also specialties like rolled skewers filled with unique combinations, such as pecorino cheese and pistachio cream, porcini mushrooms, or mortadella with nutmeg. Mixed meat and vegetable skewers and much more are also available. Inside Sartoria Gastronomica, there is a wood-fired rotisserie where chickens, pork shanks, porchetta, and ribs are slow-cooked daily. A display case showcases aged cuts such as ribeye, Florentine steak, and tomahawk, matured for a minimum of 60 up to 120 days. Naturally, a variety of appetizers with cured meats and cheeses are offered, along with hand-made fresh egg pasta produced in the kitchen. The Best Street Food in Bologna A traditional concept and a format based on street food is what characterizes CHIOSCO, the new venue located in the outdoor space of Ristorante Sartoria Gastronomica in Piazza Aldrovandi, Bologna. Born with the intention of offering Fried and Tasty Bites to be enjoyed on the go, which can also be consumed at the outdoor tables, CHIOSCO offers a wide selection of dishes that are symbols of tradition, not only from Emilia but also from other regions. These include sandwiches with porchetta, grilled sausages, pita bread with thinly sliced meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, and Sicilian rotisserie products such as arancine, calzones, and sfincioni. There is also a wide range of fried fish, meat, and vegetable options. It is also an ideal place for an aperitivo after a stroll in the heart of the city. The bar Sartoria Bakery, serves breakfast with croissants and pastries made in-house, classic aperitifs, and signature cocktails crafted by a creative bartender with years of experience. With a seating capacity of 60, the outdoor patio allows guests to enjoy their meals in the open air during the beautiful seasons. 15 OI magazine

MILAN. This year as well, Milan Fashion Week, featuring the Spring-Summer 2024 collections, was able to immerse us in a whirlwind of vitality and energy. In addition to the runway shows of the major pillars of fashion that have made Milanese fashion weeks unique, such as Giorgio Armani, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana, we witnessed the acclaimed return of Fiorucci to Milan, the runway debut of the new brand The Attico, and the first collections by Peter Hawkings for Tom Ford, Sabato de Sarno for Gucci, and Simone Bellotti for Bally. It was an extremely interesting line-up, revealing women’s collections for Spring-Summer 2024, with a total of 62 runway shows. Let’s explore the individual days together, starting from the initial one on Tuesday, September 19, to the closing day on Monday, the 25th. If the first day of Fashion Week allowed us to slowly immerse ourselves in the fashion week mood, thanks to the runway show by international designer Francesca Liberatore, the Opening Fashion Hub by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, and the Milano Moda Graduate talent scouting competition, September 20th showed no mercy. From Anton Giulio Grande’s runway to Iceberg, and the shows of Fendi, Alberta Ferretti, Roberto Cavalli, and Etro, concluding All the runway shows of MILAN FASHION WEEK ’23 A schedule full of fashion shows from September 19th to 25th by Alessandra LUTI Photos by Giuseppe MARCHIONE 16 OI magazine

Fashion Wow Editor in Chief Alessandra Luti and the international Designer Francesca Liberatore. The designer wears a t-shirt with a special message for the Fashion Industry “Creativity = freedom with or without a calendar” 17 OI magazine

Francesca Liberatore SS24 Collection at Milano Fashion Week September 2023 Opening Fashion Hub at the Milano Fashion Week 18 OI magazine

beautifully at 9 PM with Diesel’s runway simultaneously with the Saudi100Brands show. Max Mara, on the other hand, had the honour of opening the third day of Milan Fashion Week, featuring other unmissable names such as Prada, Emporio Armani, Blumarine, and Moschino (which, to solemnly celebrate its 40th anniversary, decided to collaborate with designers Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Katie Grand, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, and Lucia Liu). Friday, September 22nd, was also a day rich in emotions: from Tod’s runway where Walter Chiapponi presented his latest collection in collaboration with the renowned brand, to the return of the historic Maison Luisa Beccaria, and the debut of Sabato de Sarno as the creative director of Gucci in the 3 PM show. Not to be missed were the appointments with Versace (absent during the last MFW to attend the famous Los Angeles runway show featuring the world’s most famous models), MSGM, and Boss, as well as other younger brands that have gradually become true protagonists of Milan Fashion Week, including Sunnei and Cormio. Among the highlights of the fifth day of Fashion Week, Maximilian Davis for Ferragamo and Matthieu Blazy for Bottega Veneta Un’accoglienza calorosa da parte di Anton Giulio Grande, lo stilista internazionale che ha vestito le Dive di tutto il mondo, all’editrice Alessandra Luti di Fashion Wow durante la Milano Fashion Week. Dietro i suoi bellissimi capi dopo il meraviglioso Defilé. Un dei bellissimi capi della nuova collezione SS24 di Anton Giulio Grande

certainly stood out. However, there was already immense interest in Simone Bellotti, who, following his long collaboration with Gucci, presented his debut collection with the Swiss brand Bally. It was a very intense day that, along with iconic historical brands like Ermanno Scervino, Dolce & Gabbana, and Missoni, also featured the debut of The Attico, considered by many as the most glamorous and sparkling Italian brand, founded by the ambitious vision of Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini. Also, on the fifth day, the spectacular Fashion Show by Philipp Plein was a must-see. For this season, the German designer surpassed himself, offering his numerous guests a colourful and entertaining event at the Allianz Cloud in Piazza Stuparich, Milan. Exciting novelties thrilled fashion enthusiasts on Sunday the 24th with the return of Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, the debut of Karoline Vitto supported by Dolce & Gabbana, and the first Milanese runway of the Italo-Swedish brand Avavav, known for its bold goal of reducing waste in the fashion world by using leftover fabrics for its productions. Of course, the closing runway show of the day by Giorgio Armani was a mustsee. Finally, during the Sunday evening, the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2024 took place at the prestigious La Scala in Milan. To conclude the last day of that overwhelming fashion week, there were entirely digital runways, starting from Pillings at 10 AM to the veteran Laura Biagiotti’s 12 PM show, an Italian pride known worldwide for the extraordinary quality of her creations. All the trends from the Milan Fashion Week SS24 collections will also be featured in the upcoming November edition of our partner, the International Fashion, Style, and Glamour Magazine Fashion Wow (www.fashionwow.it), along with MonteCarloTimes (www.montecarlotimes.eu). Richmond Fashion Show SS24 at the Milano Fashion Week 20 OI magazine

I 2O23 01 SUSTAINABILITY IN TODAY'S FASHION Circular Fashion and Sustainability Remain Enduring Themes in Fashion Projects and Collections FASHION WEEKS AROUND THE GLOBE Innovation, Sustainability, and Exploration Flourish in London, Milan, Paris, and New York MONTE-CARLO: A DEFILEÉ WITH ELISABETTA GREGORACI An Exclusive Event Celebrating Italian Fashion Excellence THE BEST 2023-2024 FASHION TRENDS From Women, Men, to Kids

FASHION "MYSTERY" UNDER THE ARCADES There's a new jewel in the fashion scene under Bolzano's arcades, and its name is Moiré Mystery. The store was inaugurated in the spring of 2023 and is already poised to redefine standards of style and elegance for women of all ages. Managed by Irene Moschén and her team, Moiré Mystery is much more than just a fashion store. It's an entirely new and mysteriously wrapped experience, located at number 7 under Bolzano's arcades. The store's architecture reflects the history and tradition of Bolzano's arcades, skillfully combining elements of tradition and modernity. But what truly makes Moiré Mystery special are its collections. Here, you'll find everything from cutting-edge fashion to timeless classics. The collections are diverse and eclectic, just like the women who wear them. Whether you're searching for the perfect outfit for a special occasion or simply looking to refresh your everyday look, Moiré Mystery has something for you. The store is a unique and versatile space that promises to cater to all your fashion needs. But that's not all: the Moiré Mystery team offers personalized style consultations to help you consistently find the outfit that suits you perfectly. There's no doubt that Moiré Mystery is destined to become a must-visit for lovers of style and elegance. So, if you're in Bolzano, make a stop under the arcades and immerse yourself in the unique style of Moiré Mystery. Moiré Fashion 4 Shops – 1 Passion – endless experiences PALAIS MOIRÉ - Piazza Erbe 9 Bolzano MYSTERY MOIRÈ - Portici 7 Bolzano SMARTYS MOIRÉ - Via Dr. Streiter 34 Bolzano IRENE MOIRÉ - Corso Libertà 136 Merano info@moirefashon.com - Ph.+39 0471983145 www.moirefashion.com 22 OI magazine

"YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME" The Romantic Life of Daniela delle Cave

protagonist of the film “You Are Better Than Me,” available on Prime Video and other platforms since September 12. The modern romantic comedy, directed and produced by Luca Solina and distributed by Under The Milky Way, follows the story of Stefano Dragone, a man with writer’s block tasked with creating a successful hip-hop album for a superstar played by Marial Bajma-Riva. Daniela delle Cave plays the role of Alessia, Stefano’s roommate and an aspiring model secretly admired by him. The film explores the complex dynamics of interpersonal relationships, involving Stefano’s daughter, his ex-girlfriend, a new flame met on social media, and even his therapist, played by Giovanna Cappuccio. Drawing from her past experiences in sitcoms and television dramas, Daniela delle Cave showcases her versatility as an actress, bringing the character of Alessia to the big screen with her unique charisma. The question posed in the film is whether the protagonist will succeed in winning Alessia’s heart, adding a touch of romance and suspense to the engaging plot. With her career on the rise and a personal life rich in love and commitment, Daniela delle Cave continues to captivate the audience with her enchanting presence and undisputed talent. Whether on the big screen or in everyday life, it seems that the future of this talented actress is destined to shine even brighter. On June 3rd of last year, in the charming province of Modena, the much-anticipated wedding between Daniela delle Cave and Marco Tardini took place. The couple decided to seal their love with a romantic ceremony, followed by an unforgettable honeymoon in Kenya, immersed in the beauty and essence of nature. Daniela delle Cave, already known for her roles in sitcoms and television dramas, enthusiastically shared intimate details about her love story. “Last year, we went to Paris because I wanted to show Marco where I had grown up during my adolescence,” Daniela recounted. “It was truly exciting to receive the proposal in a place so important to me, now even more significant.” The couple spent seven years engaged before deciding to join in matrimony, and both believe that the strength of their relationship is the result of mutual commitment to support and understand each other. Daniela emphasizes the importance of Marco not being part of her professional world but appreciating and supporting her projects with a critical eye. “It’s beautiful to see his interest and enthusiasm when I involve him in my projects,” Daniela shared. “He has imparted excellent values to me, such as patience, understanding, and rationality.” In addition to her personal life, Daniela delle Cave is now the 25 OI magazine

28 OI magazine

29 In the heart of the Dolomites, the Lum d'Or Spa chalet is a new and exclusive refuge in the renowned ski area and hiking paradise of Selva di Val Gardena. In a luxurious setting, the elegant Spa chalet, with large windows that open the interiors to the colours of the surrounding mountains, is a structure that blends harmoniously with the landscape. The rooms furnished with old precious wood and soft fabrics are made even warmer and more welcoming by a large fireplace in the living room which creates a pleasant alpine atmosphere. Conceived as an ideal private refuge for 6/8 people, it offers all the services of a luxury hotel: a wellness centre with a Finnish sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, waterfall shower and relaxation oasis. A heated outdoor swimming pool with hydromassage, ideal for relaxing in winter after a day spent skiing, admiring the breath-taking panorama of the Dolomite mountains. A large garden of 600 square meters where you can spend time with friends or family and enjoy the mountain sun, lying on soft loungers or admiring the spectacular starry sky sitting on heated sofas while sipping a glass of selected wine. For lovers of sport and perfect shape, Lum d'Or Spa offers a Technogym-equipped wellness centre to stay fit even on holiday. A rich and varied breakfast and a shuttle service complete the services available for the guests. The exclusive isolated position, surrounded by nature but easy to reach, its breath-taking view, its proximity to the hiking trails and ski slopes, as well as all its services, make Lum d'Or Spa the ideal place for nature lovers, and for those seeking privacy but do not want to give up luxury and comfort. Lum d’or Spa Chalt Via Daunei 54 -39048 Selva di Val Gardena info@lumdor.it - www.lumdor.it The perfect symbiosis of privacy and luxury

30 OI magazine Unforgettable Winter Holiday at Hotel Granbaita Dolomites in Selva di Val Gardena Amidst the majestic peaks of the snow-covered Dolomites, Hotel Granbaita Dolomites in Selva di Val Gardena stands as an oasis of luxury, style, and warm family hospitality. Recently renovated and awarded the prestigious 5 stars, this hotel embodies the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. With over 10,000 m² of hospitality, the hotel provides guests with ample space to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the Dolomites. Its central location in Selva di Val Gardena allows easy access to ski lifts, ensuring days filled with well-being and winter sports. Founded in 1961 by the Puntscher - Perathoner family, the hotel underwent a classy renovation, earning the coveted 5 stars and the 2020 In/Architecture Willis Towers Watson Award thanks to the project by architect Rudolf Perathoner. The Savinela SPA offers a unique wellness experience, with over 2000 m² of spaces celebrating the nature of the Dolomites. The 32-meter pool at 30°C, surrounded by pristine snow, is the pulsating heart of relaxation. From saunas to aromatic Turkish baths, the wellness journey is one of pleasure and purification. Executive Chef Andrea Moccia leads the restaurant, offering a gastronomic journey through tradition and international proposals. The wine cellar boasts over 500 labels. For skiing enthusiasts, the hotel provides services such as a monitored ski room and a complimentary Skisafari to explore the majestic valleys of the Dolomites. In summary, a stay at Hotel Granbaita Dolomites is an immersion in luxury, tradition, and well-being, ensuring unforgettable moments in the unique setting of the Dolomites. Hotel Granbaita Dolomites ***** Str. Nives 11, Selva di Val Gardena (BZ) Ph. +39 0471 795210 - www.hotelgranbaita.com - info@hotelgranbaita.com



33 Italian mountains offer a unique experience that you should live at least once in your life. Here, you can fill your lungs with fresh air, rediscover relaxation during long walks in nature, and much more. With the arrival of the cold season, it’s the ideal time to treat yourself to a mountain getaway. There are many possible destinations for your winter mountain vacations in Italy, but which places will leave you breathless with their breath-taking views? We have selected some dream destinations for a mountain vacation in Italy, both in the famous tourist resorts of the northern regions and in other charming places. In these winter tourist destinations, you can find ski slopes and much more. A true mountain vacation also includes hikes and walks in the woods. There are two types of people who love the mountains: those who visit them regularly, constantly exploring new places and adding them to their list of experiences and memories, and those who, even if they don’t go there often, Ski slopes and more... by Laura GARIPOLI

34 love the mountains as a place to escape from the city’s chaos and as a magical landscape to refresh the eyes. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, characterized by the green of the forests, the blue of the alpine or Apennine rivers and lakes, and the white of the snow-capped peaks, there is one more reason not to give up on a mountain trip, even if it’s short, perhaps just for a weekend: the opportunity to completely disconnect, immersing yourself in the simplicity of nature that remains untouched in these places. Experiencing the Italian mountains is an extraordinary experience that will leave you with indelible memories, whether you are a seasoned mountain enthusiast or an occasional lover of this wonderful natural environment. HOSPITALITY IN SOUTH TYROL: WHERE NATURE EMBRACES WELCOME South Tyrol, also known as Südtirol, is a region in northern Italy that enchants visitors with its natural beauty and the warm hospitality of its people. This mountainous region, surrounded by the peaks of the Dolomites and the vineyards of the Alps, offers a unique experience to tourists from all over the world. Scenic Beauty One of the most iconic features of South Tyrol is its beautiful landscape. The Dolomite mountains provide a spectacular backdrop year-round. During the winter, ski slopes and destinations like Val Gardena and Plan de Corones attract skiers and snowboarders from around the world. In summer, the

35 OI magazine SCUOLA DI SCI E SNOWBOARD SELVA Ski holiday in Val Gardena Ski holiday in Val Gardena? If you want to learn to ski or improve your technique rely on the Selva Ski School, one of the first schools in South Tyrol, founded in 1937. Today over 100 teachers are part of the school, including former World Cup athletes, national instructors and coaches, who stand out for their great competence and professionalism. Experience and knowhow have always been the strengths of the Selva Ski School, recognized nationally not only for the knowledge of the most innovative techniques of the moment but also for the attention paid to collective ski courses for children, so to obtain the “Marchio d'Oro” (Golden Brand) as a specialized school for teaching children. The headquarter of the Selva Ski School, a modern and efficient building boasts a fully equipped ski and snowboard rental, a ski deposit, and the Restaurant Kids Selvi. Also available to customers is a snow park with two magic carpets, a ski lift, and a Competitive Centre for those who want tailored technical programs. The school not only collaborates with most of the hotels in Selva Gardena but also organizes torchlight descents, ski shows during the winter season and so on… Scuola di Sci e Snowboard Selva Via Dantercepies, 4 39048 Selva Gardena (BZ) Ph. +39 0471.795156 - Fax +39 0471.794257 info@scuolasciselva.com www.scuolasciselva.com

36 OI magazine mountains transform into a hiker’s paradise, with scenic trails and bike paths winding through fragrant forests and alpine lakes, offering an incredible variety of outdoor activities. Mountain Hospitality Considered the jewel of the Italian Alps, it is a region that captivates visitors with the warm hospitality of its people. Hospitality in South Tyrol is renowned worldwide. Here, visitors are not just treated as customers but as welcomed guests. The locals are known for their friendliness and their love for sharing the region’s culture and cuisine. There’s nothing better than being greeted with a warm smile and a glass of South Tyrolean wine upon arrival at a hotel or inn. Attention to detail and the desire to make guests feel at home are evident in every aspect of the service provided. South Tyrol offers a wide range of accommodations for visitors, from luxury hotels to cosy mountain inns. Many of these lodgings are situated in panoramic locations, allowing guests to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape. These establishments have been carefully designed to ensure a comfortable and exciting stay. Modern luxury hotels in South Tyrol come equipped with all the amenities, from outdoor pools with mountain views to spas and gourmet restaurants offering dishes typical of the region. Mountain inns, on the other hand, transport guests to a traditional atmosphere where they can immerse themselves in the authentic hospitality of South Tyrol and savour regional dishes prepared with local ingredients. Val Gardena A magnificent alpine valley in the heart of the Dolomites, located in South Tyrol, considered an integral part of Ladinia. Val Gardena is dominated by mountain groups such as Rasciesa, Odle, and Puez, where the imposing peaks rise like true rock sculptures. The valley encompasses three municipalities: Ortisei, renowned for the art of woodcarving and considered the most beautiful village in the Dolomites, Santa Cristina, a sun-kissed village at the foot of Sassolungo, and Selva di Val Gardena, the highest village in Val Gardena located beneath the Sella Massif. It’s not just towering mountains that reach high into the sky, resembling genuine sculptures, but also picturesque bodies of water—all lakes situated above 2000 meters in altitude—and charming towns, equally delightful to behold and experience, with their rich traditions. Perfect in summer, Val Gardena is even more beloved in winter when it becomes an essential des-

37 ON THE HEART OF DOLOMITE Strada Frëina 4 - 39048 Selva Val Gardena (BZ) - Ph. +39 0471 795072- info@la-stua.com www.la-stua.com LA STUA Snack bar, restaurant and après-ski

38 OI magazine tination for winter sports enthusiasts, thanks to its ski slopes. Near Ortisei, don’t miss the Church of San Giacomo, the oldest in the valley, and numerous castles like Castel Gardena, the ruins of Wolkenstein Castle, and the medieval Stetteneck Castle, all bearing witness to the area’s early settlements. Numerous lakes dot the landscape, mostly located above 2000 meters, such as Lech dl Dragon on the Sella ledge, Lake Crespëina in the Puez area, Lech Sant, Lech sa Iman, Lech da Rijeda, and Lech dla Scaies on Alpe Mastlè. However, Val Gardena is primarily renowned as a winter sports paradise. It boasts 500 kilometres of unique ski slopes, modern ski lifts, 30 kilometres of hiking trails, and 115 kilometres of cross-country skiing. Thanks to its connection to Dolomiti Superski, the world’s largest ski carousel, the Sellaronda, and the nearby Alpe di Siusi, Val Gardena is a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. It can also be explored in spring, when nature begins to bloom with a myriad of colours and the lakes shine in blue from the melting ice. Summer is the best time of the year for hiking and walking enthusiasts, with 600 kilometres of hiking and mountain biking trails, such as the new Trail Arena Val Gardena, and countless climbing routes. Don’t forget to take a break at one of the beautiful mountain huts to savour the local cuisine. A STRESS-FREE SNOW HOLIDAY IN VAL GARDENA One of the most appreciated conveniences for visitors looking to glide down pristine slopes are the services that make accessing winter sports easier and more enjoyable, ensuring a stress-free holiday. VAL GARDENA is renowned for its attention to detail and excellence in tourist services. Ski schools and ski rental centres in the region are no exception. They offer top-notch instructors, well-maintained equipment, and professional service, including assistance with equipment adjustment to ensure maximum safety and comfort during your descents. One of the key advantages of ski rental services in Val Gardena is the wide range of equipment available. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, you’ll find the right gear to meet your needs. Rental shops offer skis in various models and sizes, as well as bindings and boots tailored to your skill level.

39 OI magazine RISTORANTE TUBLADEL A Culinary Fusion of Tradition and Innovation in South Tyrol In the charming ambiance of the Tubladel restaurant, located in South Tyrol, visitors can embark on a gastronomic journey that seamlessly blends local culinary tradition with culinary innovation. The décor elegantly echoes the style of traditional South Tyrolean mountain Stube, creating a warm and authentic atmosphere. Tubladel restaurant is renowned for its dedication to using highquality ingredients carefully selected from the finest suppliers in the market. While embracing local produce, the restaurant's menu also offers a variety of unique ingredients that contribute to creating a truly original culinary experience. The menu presents a rich selection of dishes ranging from South Tyrolean classics to innovative creations. Fresh and meticulously selected ingredients, such as Speck IGP, fragrant mountain herbs, and delicious canederli, form the foundation of traditional dishes. However, Tubladel restaurant also offers fusion creations that surprise and delight the palate of anyone who tries them. A young and experienced team is always on hand to guide guests through the menu, suggesting pairings of appetizers, first courses, main courses, and desserts. Each dish is accompanied by a carefully curated wine selection that enhances the flavors of every ingredient and completes the culinary experience. For those looking to immerse themselves in South Tyrol's traditional and innovative cuisine, Tubladel restaurant represents an unmissable opportunity. It's a place where tradition merges with modernity to offer an unforgettable culinary experience. Ristorante Tubladel Via Trebinger, 22 - 39046 Ortisei - Val Gardena Ph. +39 0471 796879 - office@tubladel.com www.tubladel.com

40 OI magazine Examples of efficiency in this sector are Noleggio Mio and Noleggio Sci Peter in Ortisei. Renting ski equipment can also be a more economical option than purchasing a complete set. Moreover, this practice is environmentally sustainable, as it reduces the need to produce and dispose of equipment. This translates to a responsible choice for those concerned about the environment. Additionally, Scuola Sci Selva in Selva Val Gardena offers a high-quality skiing learning experience with experienced and passionate instructors. Therefore, we can assert that ski rental services in Alto Adige are a fundamental element for a stress-free snow vacation. Whether you’re planning a family ski vacation, a romantic weekend, or a getaway with friends, ski rental and ski schools allow you to focus on what’s important: having fun on the slopes and enjoying the beauty of the Dolomite mountains. With high-quality equipment, affordability, and professional service, Trentino-Alto Adige ensures your skiing experience is unforgettable. Excellence in Val Gardena South Tyrol: Prestigious Hotels for an Unforgettable Stay As we have already emphasized, South Tyrol is renowned for its warm hospitality, and these qualities are reflected in its high-class accommodations. Among the many available options, some stand out for offering an exceptional stay experience. Here is a selection of prestigious hotels in South Tyrol that guarantee an unforgettable stay. GRAN BAITA SPORT & WELLNESS Selva di Val Gardena Located in Selva di Val Gardena, the Gran Baita Sport & Wellness is a luxury oasis nestled in the heart of the Dolomites. This hotel offers a blend of modern comforts and Alpine traditions. The rooms are tastefully furnished, providing spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Guests can relax at the wellness centre, which offers a variety of treatments and heated pools, or savour South Tyrolean delicacies at the hotel’s restaurant. Gran Baita is a perfect destination for those seeking a refined stay in a charming mountain setting. CHALET LUN DOR Selva di Val Gardena CHALET LUN DOR is a hidden gem in Selva di Val Gardena. This luxury chalet offers an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, with beautifully appointed rooms boasting stunning views. The hotel’s gourmet cuisine is a sensory delight, featuring dishes prepared with high-quality local ingredients. Guests can enjoy a relaxing evening at the wellness

41 OI magazine 'L FUDLÈ RESTAURANT A break dedicated to traditional cuisine in S. Cristina In the centre of S. Cristina, the 'L Fudlé Restaurant is the ideal starting point for exploring the Dolomites by bike, as well as the ideal choice for those who want to take a break while savouring traditional cuisine. The restaurant, in typical alpine style, is characterized by a warm wooden Stube and has various rooms and a terrace that overlooks the pedestrian area, where it is pleasant to have an aperitif. The cuisine of 'L Fudlé is deeply linked to the territory and its seasonality, enriched by various other flavours. In fact, the menu offers both regional and national dishes. Between homemade pasta, soups, meat specialties and desserts, the chef is able to conquer even the most demanding palates with unique culinary emotions. And for pizza lovers, 40 proposals on the list that are impossible to resist! Bar Pizzeria Ristorante ‘L Fudlé Via Dursan, 86 - 39047 S. Cristina (BZ) Ph.: +39 0471 790255 -ristorante@fudle.it www.fudle.it

42 OI magazine centre or explore the surrounding natural beauty through hiking and outdoor activities. Chalet Lun Dor is an ideal choice for those looking for an exclusive stay experience. ALPENHEIM CHARMING HOTEL & SPA Ortisei Alpenheim Charming Hotel & Spa in Ortisei is an oasis of tranquillity and comfort. This boutique hotel offers an elegant and relaxing environment, with refined rooms and a welcoming atmosphere. The hotel’s wellness centre is a haven of relaxation, featuring an indoor pool, saunas, and wellness treatments. Alpenheim’s cuisine is a palate-pleaser, offering a variety of traditional and creative dishes. Alpenheim is the perfect choice for those seeking a romantic and rejuvenating stay in the Dolomites. RESIDENCE MERK Residence Merk is a perfect destination for those seeking an independent and comfortable stay. Located in a prime location, it offers fully equipped apartments, ideal for families or groups of friends. Guests can enjoy total autonomy by cooking their own meals in the well-equipped kitchens of the apartments or by taking advantage of the nearby facilities. Residence Merk is an ideal choice for those seeking a relaxing vacation with complete freedom. In South Tyrol, hospitality is a tradition, and these prestigious accommodations perfectly embody this welcoming spirit. Whether you are looking for luxury, intimacy, or independence, South Tyrol offers a wide range of options to meet your needs and ensure an unforgettable stay. Come and discover South Tyrol, where natural beauty embraces welcome with comfort and style.

43 OI magazine LA BAR Quality and tradition in a typical Ladin bar A varied and diversified offer, specifically designed to make every moment of the day enjoyable, and an informal and welcoming atmosphere that reproduces the warm atmosphere of a typical Ladin bar. This is Labar, the new establishment in Ortisei, created with the idea of taking visitors on a journey through the Ladin food and wine tradition, from breakfast to aperitif. In addition to the classic bar offerings for a quick bite or a tasty treat, here you can taste specialties such as "Furtaies", an apple strudel, the "Turtres" and some dishes of Ladin cuisine. Every day, guests can enjoy many homemade delicacies and a rich menu inspired by the simple and genuine recipes of the past, based on ingredients all sourced from the local area. Even a quick lunch at Labar becomes an opportunity to discover and taste the quality and flavour of South Tyrolean products. Excellent drinks, craft beers, and a wide selection of wines are also available for a pleasant alpine-style aperitif. La Bar Bar – Restaurant – Pizzeria Via Arnaria Str., 2 I-39046 Ortisei Ph. +39 377 3313119 restaurant@la-bar.it

44 OI magazine Recreational Activities In addition to outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and cycling, South Tyrol offers a wide range of cultural and recreational activities. You can visit museums that tell the unique history of the region, participate in wine tastings at local vineyards, or immerse yourself in South Tyrolean musical traditions. Furthermore, cities like Bolzano and Merano provide excellent opportunities for shopping and nightlife. South Tyrolean Cuisine: A Journey into the Flavours of Tradition and Innovation South Tyrol is a region that captivates visitors not only with its spectacular natural beauty but also with its extraordinary culinary tradition. This borderland between Italy and Austria has developed a unique cuisine that reflects its history and cultural influences. In this article, we will explore the flavours of South Tyrol and take you on a journey through some of the region’s most renowned restaurants. A Fusion of Culinary Traditions South Tyrolean cuisine is the result of a fascinating fusion of Italian and Austrian influences, combined with a variety of high-quality ingredients sourced from the region. One of the most iconic dishes of South Tyrol is apple strudel, a sweet delight that enchants the palates of young and old alike. This dessert is often served with a generous dusting of powdered sugar and a vanilla sauce, creating a combination of crispiness and softness. Dumplings (Canederli): A Local Classic Dumplings, known as “canederli,” are another typical South Tyrolean dish and represent true comfort food. These bread dumplings are made with simple ingredients such as stale bread, milk, eggs, and spices. They can be served in broth or pan-fried with butter and cheese, offering a variety of flavors to please every palate. Sauerkraut and Cheeses: A Flavourful Tradition Sauerkraut, or

45 OI magazine LA BULA RESTAURANT An Authentic Culinary Experience in the Heart of Selva Gardena Immersed in the relaxed atmosphere of the heart of Selva Gardena, the La Bula restaurant offers an unforgettable culinary experience. With its traditional Italian trattoria style, this cozy venue is the perfect retreat for those seeking delicious food, hospitable service, and excellent value for money. The rustic, cozy, and comfortable dining rooms create the perfect setting for a delightful meal. The tastefully decorated interior transports visitors straight to Italy, inviting them to relax and enjoy the culinary experience. Whether it's a crispy pizza with fresh and high-quality ingredients or a dish from the typical South Tyrolean cuisine, La Bula never disappoints. The variety of culinary options caters to all palates, offering a journey through the authentic flavour of Italy and the South Tyrolean region. To conclude a heavenly evening, La Bula offers a selection of delightful desserts, including the classic tiramisu and homemade apple strudel. Each dessert is prepared with care and love, adding a sweet touch to every visit. If you're looking for a place with breath-taking mountain views for special occasions, the friendly team at La Bula is ready to assist. Whether it's a birthday party, anniversary, or corporate event, La Bula will welcome you warmly and be delighted to contribute to making every moment unforgettable. Ristorante La Bula Via Mëisules, 287- 39048 Selva di Val Gardena (BZ) Ph. +39 0471.790255

46 OI magazine fermented cabbage, is an essential component of many South Tyrolean dishes. This side dish, typically served with smoked meats, is known for its bold flavour and crunchy texture. Alongside sauerkraut, local cheeses play a prominent role in South Tyrolean cuisine. Among the most famous are Stelvio cheese and local goat cheese, which can be enjoyed on their own or paired with cured meats and bread. High-Quality Meat: A Separate Chapter South Tyrol is renowned for the quality of its meat, thanks to lush pastures and well-cared-for livestock. Pork, beef, and lamb are often used to create succulent dishes such as speck (smoked ham) and slowly cooked meats in aromatic sauces. South Tyrolean cuisine offers a wide range of meat-based dishes, both slow-cooked in pots and grilled to perfection. Exquisite Restaurants To fully savour the flavours of South Tyrol, it’s essential to visit high-quality restaurants. Here are some renowned restaurants in the region: 1. Tubladel Restaurant in Ortisei: This restaurant offers traditional cuisine with a modern twist, using top-quality local ingredients. 2. La Stua in Selva Gardena: A charming restaurant set in a rustic atmosphere, known for its traditional South Tyrolean dishes and regional wines. 3. Cafe Adler in Ortisei: A cosy spot serving delicious South Tyrolean specialties, including game dishes. 4. Fudle Restaurant in Santa Cristina: A place that celebrates local and Ladin cuisine with a modern touch. It’s the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the flavours of the Dolomites and discover the culinary delights of the region. 5. La Bar in Ortisei: A versatile establishment in Ortisei, the ideal place to explore Ladin cuisine and wine traditions from morning to night. 6. La Bula Selva Val Gardena: A restaurant that combines culinary tradition and innovation. The atmosphere is elegant and welcoming, making La Bula the perfect choice for a romantic dinner or a gastronomic evening with friends. In conclusion, South Tyrolean cuisine is a journey through flavours that blend tradition and innovation. Typical dishes, high-quality ingredients, and the passion of local chefs make this region a true culinary paradise. Explore South Tyrolean cuisine and discover its delicious culinary heritage during your visit to this wonderful region.

47 OI magazine SKIRENT PETER Ski and snowboard rental in Ortisei in Val Gardena Thanks to its 75 years of experience, Skirent Peter, is one of the most qualified skis and snowboard rentals in Ortisei, also for repairs. Here you can hire the latest competition Carvings skis, allmountain snowboards, boots, and snowshoes, as well as sports equipment for all outdoor mountain sports. At Skirent Peter the most advanced technology is at your disposal to ensure you have the equipment suitable for skiing skills and for the weather and snow conditions, guaranteeing you the utmost professionalism, competence and experience for your safety, comfort and fun. For lovers of comfort it is possible to take advantage of an online ski rental service and a deposit for all equipment . Skirent Peter Via Rezia, 128 - Piazza S. Antonio - 39046 Ortisei (BZ) Ph. +39 0471 796185 - Mob. +39 366 195 56 86 info@skirentvalgardena.it - www.skirentvalgardena.it

48 OI magazine for Unforgettable Winter Experiences in the Dolomites The Alpenheim Charming & Spa Hotel is truly the ideal place to spend an unforgettable winter vacation in the Dolomites. With its strategic location near the ski lifts and direct access to the Sellaronda and Dolomiti Superski circuit slopes, ski and winter sports enthusiasts will find the perfect base for their snow adventures here. But it's not just skiing that makes this hotel unique. Its luxurious wellness center offers an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation after a day on the slopes, allowing guests to fully recharge. The excellent restaurant that combines traditional Ladino and Italian cuisine promises extraordinary culinary experiences, while the hotel's warm and welcoming atmosphere makes every moment of the stay special. The hotel's alpine-style rooms and suites are spacious and romantic, providing a peaceful and comfortable environment for rest. Furthermore, the hotel's location amidst the beauty of the Dolomites adds a touch of magic to the overall experience. In short, the Alpenheim Charming & Spa Hotel is the perfect choice for those seeking a memorable winter vacation, where sports, relaxation, and high-quality gastronomy come together in an extraordinary experience. Alpenheim Charming & Spa Hotel Grohmann Street , 54 - 39046 Ortisei (BZ) Ph. + 39 0471 796515 - Fax + 39 0471 796105 www.alpenheim.it ALPENHEIM CHARMING & SPA HOTEL


50 We rent what we love Born from the passion of two young skiers for the mountains, "Noleggio MIO" is the new ski rental in Val Gardena. There you will find the best and most suitable equipment for your needs, to enjoy the slopes of the Dolomiti Super ski area to the fullest and in complete safety. Thanks to its strategic position, in the heart of the town, a few steps from the Alpe di Siusi cable car, it will allow you to easily collect and return skis and snowboards It also offers the possibility of using a heated ski deposit where you can find your own dry equipment every day as well as the freedom to visit the town or have an après-ski aperitif on returning from the slopes. The motto of this ski rental is "quality over quantity" and the owners' ambition is to offer their customers the best experience in the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites. Book your equipment online or get advice on your choice of skis and snowboards from real experts in the sector and fully enjoy your stay. Noleggio MIO Strada Pedetliva, 18 - 39046 Ortisei (BZ) Ph: +39 3664754545 info@noleggiomio.it www.noleggiomio.it MIO skirental


52 OI magazine Drinks and top accommodation in Selva Gardena Perfect to spend time chatting with friends and get some drinks the après ski Bar Saltos is a real point of reference in Selva Val Gardena. In a rustic and at the same time modern atmosphere that blends with a sporting philosophy, the bar Saltos is the ideal place to spend time sipping a good drink listening to good music, and relax after a day spent skiing. For those who want to live the night, the Après-Ski turns into theme nights and events. Also in Selva Gardena a few minutes from the ski slopes, immersed in the nature, is located the Mountain Residence Merk, a stylish accommodation with a breath-taking view of the Dolomites. In a refined atmosphere and an ambience pervaded by the fragrance of wood, of which the chalet is internally and externally fircovered, you can enjoy your stay in total relaxation and comfort. For ski lovers, Oswald, passionate ski instructor and coach can give you some good advices for what about ski school, ski equipment, hire or on request he can accompany you on a spectacular off-piste descent. Bar Saltos Via Dantercepies. 4 – 39048 - Selva Gardena Ph. +39 335 6849031 www.barsaltos.com - info@barsaltos.com Mountain Residence Merk Via Plan, 70 – 39048 - Selva Gardena Ph. +39 335 5265984 www.residence-merk.com - info@residence-merk.com SALTOS BAR AND MERK RESIDENCE