Rigamonti Isabella

Isabella Rigamonti was born in Brianza (Mi) in 1969.

She has studied at Liceo Artistico Collegio San Giuseppe in Monza and has graduated in Architecture-Design at Politecnico of Milan.

She started her artistic career in the pictorial field using traditional techniques, which she has soon left to develop an experimentation perceptive and informal by nature through unusual materials.


At the beginning of her activity she developed her interest for the photography and enhanced it attending a course at Accademia Forma of Milan.

The artist revises the photographs conceptually and in the gestures overlaying on the black and white photograph pieces of the color one, which have a life of their own in the artwork and detect simultaneously a different dimension that transforms the same understanding.


The artist introduces two original keys: one has a formal nature thanks to the coexistence between the black and white photograph and the color forms overlaid, the other one has a conceptual nature in which emerges the moment of creation of the photo and the message the artist wants ironically highlight.

In this way, the artwork looses a clear spatial/temporal connotation and appears suspended in a flux where the perception of the light makes real the illusion and extremely real the illusion.

Rigamonti Isabella

Via Giotto, 57 - 20841 Carate Brianza (MB) - IT

Tel: +39 339.6018275


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