Hotel Chalet del Sogno

Imagine a charming at the edge of the woods, an oasis of peace in total harmony with nature.


All this is the Hotel Chalet del Sogno in Madonna di Campiglio, Dolomites, built fully respecting the environment and following the principles of sustainable building, where each detail is conceived to make your stay unforgettable.


The hospitality of Domenico and Miriam Schiavon gives a touch of warm familiarity to the environment; you will rest in exclusive suites in which the natural scent of wood will wrap around you in a relaxing atmosphere.


You can regenerate in the "Oasi di Sogno", the exclusive Spa with wellness, beauty and fitness centre, and enjoy sport activities and trips organized all year round by the hotel's staff.

Hotel Chalet del Sogno

Via Monte Spinale, 37B - 38086 Madonna di Campiglio (TN) - IT

Tel: +39 0465.441033

Fax: +39 0465.446605

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