Borra Roberto

"From my point of view, the art is to make a journey into the territories of the unconscious to offer a concrete representation of the immateriality of the personal experience.
My artworks come from digital and/or pictorial rielaboration of photographies realized in the long path of professional photographer."


How well captures the art critic and historian Cinzia Tesio, in the artist from Turin, thinking images is part of his painting: the point of arrival could become the one of imagine the thought. I find a synergy between the key concept of the metaphysics and Roberto Borra’s works and I see a perfect syntony with Giorgio De Chirico who affirms in one of his writings: “for a long time now I realized that I think through images or representations”.


ROBERTO BORRA from an interview by Efrat Cybulkievic – Artmoire Magazine

Borra Roberto


Tel: +39 338.8300244

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