Arabicaffè Italian company for roasting coffee


The company was founded in 1953 as a result of the promising idea of three friends, Dott.Francesco Bonaccorsi, the Dott.Vincenzo Musumeci and Mr Longo Santo, to create a high quality product to be included in the Sicilian market, meet the demands of a growing demand from the industry Bars and Restaurants.

Since then, supported by the fervor of the three founders children respecting the original family and business values, that original intuition has become today's reality of Arabicaffè.


The production process begins with the careful selection of green coffee of the best Arabica and Robusta quality, selected and collected directly from the source countries - Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, India, Cameroon, Congo


Checked, selected in his best beans and sent directly to our roasting machine capacity which is roasted. The product is subsequently matured mixed (ranging from 100% robusta 100% arabica) and transferred by a conveyor belt to the packaging machine. The ground coffee is transported instead of industrial grinder and then packaged.


Via San Giuseppe La Rena, 86 - 95121 Catania (CT) - IT

Tel: +39 393.8607789

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