Hotel Le Massif



A new concept of hospitality set in the stunning mountainscape.

A new resort of Italian Hospitality Collection.

A new concept of hospitality founded on Italian tradition. In Courmayeur, where the majestic peak of Mont Blanc juts into the clear blue skies.

Two spectacular spaces: the five stars hotel Le Massif, just a stone’s throw from the ski lifts, and La Loge du Massif, a chalet on the slopes of Plan Checrouit.


The furnishings of rooms and suite honor the mountainscape and Italian hospitality; an embrace of soft fabrics and warm tones.


Every bite is a taste sensation in the restaurants Chétif and Cervo Rosso Steakhouse at Le Massif hotel and in the restaurant at La Loge du Massif.

 Menus offer dishes that combine the cuisine of the Valle d’Aosta, defined by its French and Italian influences, with the creative mastery of chefs.


At Le Massif Spa you'll feel the healing power of the forest, the water and the mountain. 

Hotel Le Massif

Strada Regionale, 38 - 11013 Courmayeur (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 0165 189 7100 - +39 02 8434 5670

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