Venice in Autumn


Venice in Autumn is the most beautiful city to visit in Italy. Known throughout the world as “the city over water” is one of the many gems that enrich Italy, a country that in turn is one of the most sought after destinations for European and International tourism.

Capital of the Veneto, Venice is the first town in the region by population and area and the eleventh in Italy. In fact, the Venetian territory is not limited to the island neighbourhoods in the middle of the lagoon, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but it is articulated up to the industrial district of Mestre. Its history is very ancient and the Byzantine and Romanesque influences that can be found in the territory are important.

Its trade with the Eastern World made Venezia the flourishing queen of the seas, especially when, together with Genoa and Amalfi, it became a maritime republic after the dark ages of the barbarian invasions.

Its nickname “La Serenissima” derives from its being almost always the independent “Serene Highness Republic of Venice”, except for the brief Austrian and Napoleonic years until the annexation of Veneto to the Kingdom of Italy, which took place in 1866. In addition to being rich in works of art, enclosed in refined architecture, Venice is the city with the mous bell tower and the Mint Palace due to Jacopo Sansovino, the best way to admire the most important palaces and museums is to get on a “vaporetto” boat and travel the Grand Canal back and forth.


Especially during September and October, with the mild weather and the contained humidity, “the most beautiful road in the world” offers real “postcards” such as the Rialto Bridge, Renaissance buildings like Cà Rezzonico and the Cà d’Oro, and views of the interior riversides overlooked by the houses, many of which are adorned with characteristic chimneys and roof terraces where one can enjoy the evening cool. From the various vaporetto stops one can reach the little streets called “calli”, and the “vere da pozzo”, which are squares decorated by an ancient well in the centre.

On the larger squares there are historic churches like the Basilica of Saints John and Paul, adorned with the monument to the commander Bartolomeo Colleoni by Verrocchio.

Not to be missed is the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, which contains many masterpieces by Tintoretto. It is a lay brotherhood founded in 1478, which thanks to a deep popular veneration for St. Rocco has led the school to become the richest in the city.

In addition to the exhibitions dedicated to Leonardo’s 500th anniversary, such as the one entitled “Leonardo perfume maker” at Palazzo Mocenigo, open until September 20th, Venice also hosts a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Tuscan genius.

From the Academy Bridge, so named after its proximity to the homonymous gallery, the view of the Grand Canal is truly “grandiose”! 

The Academy Gallery of Venice includes an immense amount of works by great authors. Especially imposing is the sector dedicated to the Venetian area, with 99 authors such as Bellini, Carpaccio, Giorgione, Tintoretto, Tiziano, Veronese and many others. Music in Venice is heard in the famous La Fenice Theatre, in several churches and even in gondolas, because every gondolier knows at least one verse, cheerful or romantic, to sing according to his passengers!

After some recommendable negotiation on the price, a gondola ride from Rialto to Santa Maria dei Miracoli to finish at the famous Fish Market is an experience that one can’t miss in his life! Visiting Venice in Autumn is synonymous with the “Biennale”, one of the unmissable events of the city, which celebrates its 123 years of history in 2019.

The International Exhibition of Art, Music, Cinema, Architecture, Theatre and Dance is known to the population as one of the richest and most exciting Summertime events and can be visited until November.

Lastly, to make unique Venice in September is the Historical Regatta: the main event in the annual calendar of “Voga alla Veneta” races, a unique discipline practiced in the lagoon for thousands of years. It starts right on September 1st and it is made even more spectacular by the famous historical pageant before the races: a parade of dozens of typical sixteenth-century boats, multi collared and with costumed gondoliers, carrying the doge, the first lady and all the highest offices of the Venetian magistracy, in a faithful reconstruction of the glorious past of one of the most powerful and influential maritime republics in the Mediterranean.

Venice is also able to satisfy one’s palate, from the popular taverns called “bacari” that offer wines at will to be matched with an enormous amount of “cicheti” up to historic restaurants like Harry’s Cipriani or the very elegant Quadri in Piazza San Marco and many others in midway... in short, there is something for every budget! 
So, we can state that with its art, history, music and food, Venice is one of the most beautiful destinations ever.

Alessandra LUTI