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SKYWAY MONTE BIANCO the cathedral in the sky MILAN FASHION: THE «POSH» PHENOMENON RENON Christmas is magic on the sunny plateau OIM A G A Z I N E ORIZZONTE ITALIA

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An innovative luxury car rental company available to both companies and private citizens Founded in Florence in 2013, Tuscany Vip Service quickly became a reliable reference for customers all over the world. They offer a selection of luxury cars of the most exclusive models and prestigious brands: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo and so on... The fleet includes all the newest and most requested models, with the most exclusive equipment; the car delivery and collection service is carried out punctually in perfect conditions by qualified staff who speak English, French and Spanish. Deliveries can take place in Italy and throughout Europe, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, at the airport or hotel, according to the customer's needs. Tuscany Vip Service, in some periods of the year, organizes track Events in the Mugello circuit located in the wonderful setting of the Tuscan hills. In addition, Tuscany Vip Service organizes sports car tours, from 1 to several days, in the most fascinating places, such as Chianti, Siena, Florence, Venice, Montecarlo, Rome…and in the most beautiful cities of art. Visit their website and ask for a quote, Turscany Vip Service is ready to offer you the best service for your holiday in Italy! Mobile: 331 8734666 www.tuscanyvipservice.com 7 OI magazine

editorial Despite recent geopolitical events, the energy crisis, we are approaching the end of a year, winter is upon us; the day a er tomorrow is Christmas and the Christmas holidays have the characteristic of stopping time. In this period, a sense of, clarity, honesty, purity, goodness, and candour seemed to be on earth, and on men. e time has come to enjoy life, discover new destinations, and reorganize your daily life, leaving behind stress, problems, and negative thoughts. With friends, family, or alone, the upcoming holidays are the perfect opportunity to have new experiences and peacefully live, a few moments of leisure and relaxation. Going on holiday, living in nature, and being with loved ones improve mood and soul. Christmas holidays bring to mind lights, garlands, gi s but also snow. is is why, in this issue dedicated to the new season, Orizzonte Italia is pleased to display to you the winter itineraries on our beautiful mountains;, In partnership with THE WORLD IS RESTLESS, BUT N THINK ABOUT CHR LITTLE JOYS IT B 8 OI magazine

by Ilio MASPRONE iliomasprone@gmail.com www.iliomasprone.com and articles dedicated to cra smanship, music and its protagonists such as Milan Fashion Week, in which great stylists presented their latest creations, in an atmosphere cheered by prestigious artistic presences from all over the world, and articles dedicated to cra smanship, music and its protagonists such as: Judith Sotrifer who still creates handcra ed toys or Riccardo Muti, one of the greatest maestros and reference point for those who love classical music. A reading dedicated to those who are planning their winter holidays and also for those who want to dream and forget, as much as possible, these di cult times that the world is experiencing. e priority today must essentially be to try to forget the bad things and leave room for the good ones and we will try to help you with this goal. Today more than ever we are called to this. So ... Happy holidays, wherever you want to go, but please ... go! WORRIED AND NOW IT’S TIME TO RISTMAS AND THE BRINGS WITH IT 9 OI magazine

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SCUOLA GRANDE SAN GIOVANNI EVANGELISTA A secular confraternity in Venice Scuola is a Venetian word which identifies a secular brotherhood that is inspired by the principles of charity, dedicating itself to social care. Among all Scuole still active, Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista is the most ancient. The brotherhood building complex, has a great artistic value, is the result of lots of architectural and decorative interventions, starting from the middle XIV century, it was gradually expanded with the economic growth of the brotherhood. In the second half of the XV century, the outside marble septum was realised by Pietro Lombardo a great architectural composition of Venetian Renaissance sculpture; indoor the double staircase (1498) is an extraordinary example of Mauro Codussi’s style. The Scuola Grande is committed to promote it’s glorious headquarters as place for cultural and social meetings, it hosts conventions, gala evenings, weddings, art exhibitions and other relevant events. To visit the Scuola Grande it is advisable to consult its calendar on the web site www.scuolasangiovanni.it. Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista di Venezia San Polo 2454 - 30125 Venezia Ph. +39 041 718234 www.scuolasangiovanni.it - info@scuolasangiovanni.it 11 OI magazine

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As shown during the magical Fashion Week of September 2022, there is no doubt that Milan is the unconditional queen of world fashion; Milan has a unique quality in the world, that of producing “sartorial” elegance while remaining the undisputed “industrial” capital of fashion. Not at all, among the novelties of this edition the return to the calendar of great classics such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Boss, Antonio Marras, Vivetta, Moncler, and Preview, which will celebrate their 70th and 30th anniversary respectively. Apart from a few passing manias for the “collective disguise”, in a few cities in the world as in Milan both women and men (even they, really!) know how to dress with that special elegance that has nothing “provincial” at all. ere is no other place in Italy where people dress better and this is because the Milanese, in addition to knowing how to spend, have always launched and invented the “musts” and “cult”. Milan is like New York in Italy: the Milanese go for a jog, live in once abandoned areas, eat the best sushi, and work hard but know how to take relaxing breaks looking for everything that is healthier, like enjoying raw food cooked in the “onsen bath”. (Japanese baths). And today, September 2022? Today, in fashion as never before, the not easy “posh” tendency triumphs everywhere, a way of dressing which, however, in Milan is absolutely “natural”. Why does this happen? We will try to nd out together. First of all, what does Posh mean? It seems that during the colonial period POSH was the acrostic of “Port Out Starboard Home”, that is the stamp a xed on the tickets of those who, returning from the Indies, had the right to stay in the shady cabins, but it is a very doubtful and

without basis hypothesis. ere are no research papers on this word, but it was true, that it was referring to “upper-class” people. And, coincidentally, “posh” means dressing neither chic nor snobbish, but simply with “class”. Writer Evelyn Waugh used “posh” in one of her short stories, to better de ne something “special with no apparent e ort”. In 1918, in the weekly “Punch”, the expression “posh” was used for the rst time to indicate a “successful” day. e former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, universally recognized as the “elegant” icon, became famous, without singing, simply by moving her lips. Very successful! “Posh” means therefore the “class”, no longer linked solely and exclusively to social position, birth, or nancial power. Finally confused with personal “success”, the “posh” phenomenon spread rapidly and becomes one of the many systems with which all women today claim the right to please themselves rst of all. It is clear that we are talking about “the God of small things” in our age that has been de ned as “access”, where everything is available, you just need to know how to nd it! To conclude, in this September nally free from the pandemic, even if full of sad omens, caused by a war on the doorstep of Europe, it is clear that we are talking about the smiling and helpful commitment with which most women know how to illuminate their greyer days. Why not, by dressing “posh”!

FROM ITALY TO THE WHOLE WORLD, THE MUSIC OF is excellence made in italy NAPLES. To suceed, music and talent need a common thread called passion, an eternal glue that makes everything consistent. These are the three characteristics allowing an artist to express himself on the basis of a substantial and constantly evolving cultural background. One of the greatest artists, endowed with exceptional talent and passion for music, is the master conductor Riccardo Muti, Italian pride for decades. Imposing and charismatic, Maestro Muti was born in Naples on 28 July 1941, but he lived in Puglia, in his father’s hometown, until he was 16 years old. He passionately dedicated himself to the study of the piano and, with his mentor Vincenzo Vitale, graduated with distinction at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella in Naples. He subsequently received a diploma in composition and conducting from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, where he studied under the guidance of Bruno Bettinelli and Antonino Votto. He first came to the attention of critics and the public in 1967, when he won the Guido Cantelli Conducting Competition – by unanimous vote of the jury – in Milan. The following year he became principal conductor of the famous “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino,” a position he by Maria BRUNO 20 OI magazine

Cavaliere di Gran Croce of the Italian Republic, Wiener Philarmonic Golden Ring, Gold Medal of the City of Milan, innumerable prizes and over 20 honorary degrees: Muti, Italian pride.

22 OI magazine

held until 1980. His undisputed talent has been recognized since 1971, when Muti has been invited by Herbert von Karajan to the Salzburg Festival podium, which led in 2010 to a celebration of forty years of artistic collaboration with the Austrian festival. During the 1970s, he was chief conductor of the London’s Philharmonia Orchestra (1972 to 1982) succeeding Otto Klemperer. From 1980 to 1992, he inherited the position of Music Director of the Philadelphia Orchestra from Eugene Ormandy. His career stood up as in 1986 he was appointed musical director of the Teatro alla Scala, where international projects took shape, such as the proposal of the Mozart-Da Ponte trilogy and the Wagner Ring Cycle. Alongside the classics of the repertoire, he brought many rarely performed and neglected works to light, including pieces from the Neapolitan school of the Eighteenth Century, as well as operas by Gluck, Cherubini, and Spontini. Poulenc’s Les dialogues des Carmélites earned Muti the prestigious Abbiati Prize from the critics. The long period spent as Music Director of Teatro alla Scala culminated on December 7th, 2004, in the triumphant re-opening of the restored opera house with Antonio Salieri’s Europa riconosciuta. When the exception becomes rarity, it shows the multiplicity 23 OI magazine

of an artist. Master Riccardo Muti embodies these qualities, constantly evolving over the course of an extraordinary career. Riccardo Muti has conducted the most important orchestras in the world: from the Berlin Philharmonic to the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, from the New York Philharmonic to the Orchestre National de France, as well as the Vienna Philharmonic, an orchestra to which he is linked by particularly close and important ties, and with which he has appeared at the Salzburg Festival since 1971. A distinctive episode for his career has been when Muti was invited to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic’s 150th anniversary concert, he was presented with the Golden Ring by the orchestra, a special sign of esteem and affection, awarded only to a few select conductors. After 1993, 1997, 2000 and 2004, in 2018 Riccardo Muti conduced the Vienna Philharmonic in the New Year’s Concert for the fifth time. For the recording of this concert, in August 2018 he was awarded the Double Platinum on the occasion of his concerts with the same orchestra at the Salzburg Festival. In April 2003, the French national radio channel, France Musique, broadcast a “Journée Riccardo Muti” consisting of 14 hours of his operatic and symphonic recordings made with all the orchestras he has conducted throughout his career. On December 14th of the same year, he conducted the long-awaited opening concert of the newly renovated “La Fenice” Opera House in Venice. Radio France broadcast another “Riccardo Muti Day” on May 17th, 2018, when he conducted a concert at Auditorium de la Maison de la Radio. In 2004, Muti founded the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra, which is composed of young musicians selected by an international committee from more than 600 instrumentalists from all over Italy. Muti has received innumerable international honors over the course of his career. He is Cavaliere di Gran Croce of the Italian Republic and a recipient of the German Verdienstkreuz, he received the decoration of Officer of the Legion of Honor 24 OI magazine

from French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a private ceremony held at Élysée Palace. He was made an honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in Britain. The Salzburg Mozarteum awarded him its silver medal for his contribution to Mozart’s music, and in Vienna was elected an honorary member of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna Hofmusikkapelle and Vienna State Opera. Russian President Putin awarded him the Order of Friendship, and the State of Israel has honored him with the Wolf Prize for the arts. In October 2018, Muti received the prestigious Praemium Imperiale for Music of the Japan Arts Association in Tokyo. He conducted the Vienna Philharmonic in the opening concert for the celebrations of the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth in Salzburg at the Grosses Festspielhaus. In 2018 the continuous collaboration between Riccardo Muti and the Vienna Philharmonic reached 48 years. In September 2010, Riccardo Muti became Music Director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and was named 2010 Musician of the Year by Musical America. At the 53rd annual awards ceremony in February 2011, he was awarded two Grammy Awards for Best Classical Album and Best Choral Perfor25 OI magazine

mance for his live recording of Verdi’s Messa da Requiem with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. In March 2011, Riccardo Muti was selected as the recipient of the coveted Birgit Nilsson Prize, presented in a ceremony on October 13th at the Royal Opera in Stockholm in the presence of H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf and H.M. Queen Silvia. In April 2011, he received the Opera News Award in New York and in May 2011 he was awarded Spain’s prestigious Prince of Asturias Prize for the Arts. The award was presented the following autumn in Oviedo at a grand ceremony chaired by H.R.H. the Prince of Asturias. In July 2011 he was named honorary member of the Vienna Philharmonic and in August 2011 honorary director for life at the Rome Opera. In May 2012, he was awarded the highest Papal honor: the Knight of the Grand Cross First Class of the Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope Benedict XVI. His love for his Southern roots brings him back to Puglia in 2014 to inaugurate the reborn “Mercadante Theater” in Altamura (BA). In 2016 he was honored by Japanese Government with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star. He has received more than 20 honorary degrees from the most important universities of the world. Muti’s ardor and constant commitment also brought him to devote himself to the training of young musicians: in 2015 the Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy for young conductors, répétiteurs and singers was realized: the first edition took place at Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna. Talented young musicians and an audience of music-lovers coming from all over the world took part. The Academy has the purpose to pass on to young musicians Riccardo Muti’s experience and teachings and to make the audience understand in all its complexity the journey that leads to the realization of an opera. Maria BRUNO 26 OI magazine

Lorenzo Photography www.hannahelia.com

Ristorante Lago Scin Località Lago Scin 1 - 32043 Cortina D’Ampezzo (BL) Ph. +39 0436 2391 www.lagoscinristorante.com LAGO SCIN RESTAURANT ideal place for candlelight dinner or sunny lunches on the banks of an alpine lake Along the Dolomite road, in the stretch connecting Cortina d'Ampezzo to Passo Tre Croci and Misurina, there is the Lake Scin. Surrounded by old larches and fir trees, the lake reflects the rough rocky walls of Mount Faloria and on the opposite side the great Tofane Mountains. On the banks of the lake is located the Restaurant Lago Scin, a picturesque and cozy mountain chalet elegantly furnished. The restaurant is an ideal place for open-air lunches or for a candle light dinner, where to taste typical dishes and regional cuisine, above all wild game for which the restaurant is renowned. Among the many proposals, we recommend to taste the venison pate with “pan brioche”, pappardelle with coulis (sauce) of hare, ravioli filled of game meat with cranberry, quails with truffles and venison stew with polenta. 29 OI magazine


31 Italy is the country with the widest range of exceptional mountain resorts suitable for families and the expert skier: state-ofthe-art ski resorts, breath-taking views, characteristic small villages where you can spend magical winter holidays especially in the Christmas time when they are “dressed” with lights, colours and scents. A ski holiday in Italy is therefore suitable for everyone: beginner and expert skiers, lovers of climbing, trekking, relaxation, shopping, but also crafts, gastronomy and folklore. Starting from Veneto including Belluno, Cadore with its location and ski slopes suitable for families and the proficient skier, rather than the exclusive Cortina area, where in addition to skiing you can go shopping or enjoy the elite lifestyle, not forgetting places such as the “Tour of the Great War”, 80 km between history and nature around the Col di Lana. Continuing we find Trentino Alto Adige, another pearl of ItalWinter is upon us and, thanks to its territorial variety, Italy boasts suggestive mountain resorts where winter is magical even without to skiing

32 ian winter tourism. The region offers dozens of snow parks, all excellently equipped and serviced by dedicated facilities, in ultra- modern ski-areas, with new attractions every year and a number of important sporting events; more than 2.700 professional Trentino ski instructors, 648 of them speak foreign languages and about 320 are specialized in teaching children From the group of the Dolomiti di Brenta to the Adamello glacier and Presanella, even in Trento every mountain or winter sports desire can be satisfied, from carving to telemark, to snowboarding, surrounded by beautiful natural parks and in some areas holidaying between sport and the high life. Madonna di Campiglio stands out among the most famous and glamorous resorts where worldliness and shopping are at home together with events in bars and in mountain huts with the world’s leading DJs. In Alto Adige we find Val Gardena, a paradise for skiers, with around 175 kilometres of downhill slopes and 115 kilometres of cross-country tracks, connected thanks to the Dolomiti Superski, the biggest skiing circuit in the world, with 500 kilometres of slopes, some are used for the Coppa Del Mondo race. There is also a space for the fans of Nordic skiing thanks to 25 kilometres of tracks, many in the woods. Val Gardena is located in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage. All the ingredients that go into making a perfect holiday can be found in Val Gardena which offers three beautiful villages: Selva Val Gardena, Ortisei, and S. Cristina. At Christmas time, they offer traditional Christmas markets. Lombardy offers more than 400 kilometres of downhill slopes and 200 of cross-country tracks in Valtellina, technical slopes designed for competitive skiing. For a regenerating and relaxing winter holiday or to find exclusive boutiques and trendy clubs in the Livigno area, called the little Tibet of Italy, shopping is the main attraction thanks to its duty-free shops. Bormio called the “Magnifica Terra” (“Wanderland”) offers more than 50 kilometres of ski slopes with a good covering of snow in winter and the possibility to ski in the summertime too. Bormio also offers a high-level spa, where you can experience moments of pure relaxation, as already at the beginning of the twentieth century at the Terme di Bormio and the nearby Terme Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi in Valdidentro. With the nickname of “white galaxy” is Piedmont, because it boasts over 1000 km of slopes and 53 ski resorts equipped with state-of-the-art ski lifts. We could define it as a paradise for win-

33 ter sports enthusiasts. Slopes for all tastes; among the woods for those who love cross-country skiing, long and technical slopes for those who love the descent, as well as modern cable cars that offer breath-taking views over the woods of the natural parks. But the slopes of Piedmont also offer ancient skis or vintage skis, free riders, and spectacular off-piste areas. Our journey finishes in the smallest region of Italy, the Val d’Aosta, dotted with the highest peaks of the Alps, an ideal destination for those who love winter sports and high-altitude walks. Here you can ski at 4000m but also spend appealing relaxing holiday in its renowned spas. Here there are six peaks that exceed 4 thousand meters in altitude: the Gran Paradiso, the Dente del Gigante, the Grandes Jorasses, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in Europe) over more than 300 glaciers. In the Aosta Valley, you can look forward to 822 kilometers of slopes: the ski resorts are served by 178 ski lifts. The Breuil-Cervinia - Valtournenche -Zermatt - Cervino ski area is the largest ski area in the Aosta Valley. The Courmayeur area on Mont Blanc, reachable via the Courmayeur cable car or the Val Veny cable car (in Entrèves), offers 100 km of slopes and off-piste. Between the Rutor glacier and Mont Blanc, there is the La Thuile area which offers 38 modern and fast ski lifts, the 87 slopes as well as the Espace San Bernardo (2 slalom stadiums, 1 snow park, 1 boarder run. cross, 2 fun cross areas, 1 secure freeride area, 1 snowkite area). The Monterosa Ski Group, a vast system of ski resorts, allows you to choose between four valleys with more than 100 km of slopes. The ski resort straddles Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, reaching 3,250 meters in height, between the territories of Alagna Valsesia, Gressoney-La-Trinité, and Champoluc. The small stations instead offer in each of the four valleys, infinite activities on the snow at a lower price and at lower altitudes, and are therefore particularly suitable for families and beginners. Finally, the Pila area includes 70 km of slopes, a new track for freeriders and Areaeffe an equipped snow park. The ski resorts of the Bel Paese are a perfect tourist destination not only for winter sports lovers, but also for those who want to relax, enjoy spectacular views, delight in good food and excellent drinks or go shopping. Then let yourself be inspired by some of the best ski resorts that Orizzonte Italia suggests to you to plan a fantastic stay on the snow according to your needs and preferences.


35 Thanks to its double perspective, Bolzano is able to mesmerize tourists who come from all over. Its two lifestyles, one Northern European and the other more Mediterranean, combine to make the perfect union, which can be clearly seen in the historic and artistic treasures of this city. For centuries, Bolzano has been the privileged centre of commercial exchanges between Italy and Germany. Today, the capital of Alto Adige has become a cosmopolitan city that knows how to be lively, cheerful, modern and yet refined all at the same time! Bolzano is a clear reflection of a place where different cultures meet and intercultural exchange takes place. In art, for example, paintings by Giotto and works by the Gothic school coexist, while in architecture, the unusual contrast between the historic town and the modern one, divided by the Talvera river, is quite obvious. In just a decade in the city of Bolzano many museums have In Bolzano there’s so much to see, experience and taste…

36 flourished to preserve, re-order and make known a priceless cultural heritage remained in the shadows for centuries: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology,Civic Museum, Museion –Museum for modern and contemporary art, Treasure of the Dome Museum, MMM Messner Mountain Museum Firmian Among the most important initiatives is, without any doubt, the “Long Night of Museums” which is usually held in November. CABLE CARS AND RITTEN CARD Starting from Bolzano, in just a few minutes by cable car, you can reach the sunny plateaus and beautiful forests on the Renon Hills and Colle, where you can feel clear and pleasantly crisp air. The cable car Colle is a journey into the past because is the oldest cable car in the world for the transport of people. The new cable car Renon, connecting Bolzano with Soprabolzano, is a model of modern International public transport. From Soprabolzano it is possible to continue around the Renon plateau via the scenic railway. The train journey between Soprabolzano and Collalbo, through wide meadows and fields, with views of mountain farms and glimpses of the beautiful Dolomites, is a breathtaking experience. Thanks to the Ritten Card, absolutely free and totally priceless cause included in your room fee, you can access a world full of attractions and advantages such as unlimited access to all regional public transit in South Tyrol, Free entry to around 80 museums, castles, and galleries as well as one round trip a day on the Gondola Corno del Renon. THE FIVE DISTRICTS The 28 sq km large urban area of Bolzano is subdivided into five districts around the rivers Adige, Talvera and Isarco. The five districts that make up the city of Bolzano are Centro-Piani di Bolzano-Rencio, Oltrisarco-Aslago, Europa-Novacella, Don Bosco and Gries-San Quirino. Each of these has its own character or has still retained its rural character. The best example is the historic area of Dodiciville with its wine area of Santa Maddalena. In the historic centre, on the other hand, there are old palaces, ancient houses, the Free University of Bozen, and most of the museums, shops, and clubs. TASTE Bolzano’s cuisine is a great attraction for gourmets. It is char-

37 acterized by different flavours. On one hand there is a solid genuine country cooking, on the other there are the specialties of the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition. The same often includes spaghetti (Italian pasta) and Knödel (bread dumblings), ossobuco (marrow-bone) and Gröstl (beef cooked in a saucepan with potatoes and onions). Even though the origin of cuisine in South Tyrol is German both in its execution and in the combination of flavours, there are many influences of the glorious Italian culinary history. A perfect combination therefore between Tyrolean cuisine and Mediterranean flavors that you can enjoy in the many restaurants that release irresistible scents through the streets of the city. Do not forget to combine traditional dishes with wines produced in wineries located throughout the area. CRAFT SOUTH TYYROL STYLE Alto Adige is a land of farmers and for families living on the mountains everything had to be home made. In the course of the centuries, therefore, the people of this land have learnt to weave, woodcarve, sew and knit wool and fabrics. A fine example of the local crafts and artistry originating from this tradition is the emporio degli Artigiani Atesini under the Arcades. Here you can find unique and precious objects, all of which are hand crafted. BOLZANO CHRISTMAS MARKET TRADITION TYPICALLY AUTHENTICITY The Bolzano Christmas market is the largest Christmas market in Italy as well as one of the oldest and most traditional. From the end of November to the beginning of January, that is, during the Advent period, it fills Piazza Walther in the centre of Bolzano with its Christmas scent, its sparkling splendor, and its magical lights. The history of the Bolzano Christmas Market goes back to 1989 when the city of Nuremberg donated its Christmas market statute to the city of Bolzano. Each year this awaited event is aimed at rediscovering the traditions that, in Alto Adige, are hidden behind the four weeks of the Advent, in anticipation of the most beautiful festival of the year that evolves through rituals and traditions lost in the dark ages. For further information: www.bolzano-bozen.it/en/

38 OI magazine Fanciful and very elegant garments in the luxurious and elegant atmosphere of the Palais Moirè Moiré is synonymous with ... bright colours and an original mix of styles. Undoubtedly, the colour, combined with a match of fanciful and very elegant garments, is the hallmark of Irene Moschén's Flagship Store, a boutique permeated by a refined atmosphere located in an ancient building in the heart of Bolzano. Here you can find the cardigan created by an successful fashion star, a dress designed by the avant-garde designer and even a T-shirt of a young emerging designer, because Palais-Moirè does not offer the usual Italian and international fashion brands, but a selection of over one hundred exclusive and trendy brands from all over the world. As Irene Moschén, the head, heart and soul of Moiré Fashion, is keen to underline: “At Palais-Moirè we don't work with well-known brands: we find it too ordinary to wear a simple sweater only to show a famous logo. No, we want to find a style of clothing from the wide range of the fashion world. It's like with a good drink: you can simply offer a thirty-year-old whiskey or mix it creating a truly original cocktail. Furthermore, fashion should not be designed only for skinny models on the catwalk, but for the everyday life, because people are all different in shapes and sizes. I apply this line of thoughts as a guide in all my decisions, as an expert in this sector and motivates me: fashion, in fact, cannot be limited to size XS”. So, if you are looking for a unique and personalized shopping experience, in a luxurious and très chic environment, the fashion consultants of Moiré Fashion at Piazza delle Erbe are waiting to guide you in the choice of shapes, colours, patterns, fabrics and precious materials to create the outfit that best match your personality. I apply this line of thoughts as a guide in all my decisions - This thinking influence all my choices as an expert in this sector and motivates me. Palais Moirè Piazza delle Erbe, 9 39100 Bolzano (BZ) info@moire-fashion.com www.moire-fashion.com

39 OI magazine

40 OI magazine The Alto Adige area is famous for its traditional Christmas markets which can also be reached by a historic train. Ideal area for families with children, experiences on the snow and typical products. by Marco Giovenco In Renon, the sunny plateau, the magic of the Christmas atmosphere lights up every year in November, when traditional Christmas markets can be easily reached with the “Trenatale”, a historic train available from 25 November to 30 December - on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm and on Fridays from 3 pm. in two locations on the Renon, in the center of Collalbo, in Soprabolzano and Costalovara. Terrace on the Dolomites The Renon plateau represents the perfect mountain of the South Tyrolean capital and is a popular destination all year round for day trips and excursions. It is located in the middle of South Tyrol and can be easily reached in less than a quarter of an hour with the modern Renon cable car that links the center of RENON Christmas is magic on the sunny plateau by Marco GIOVENCO

41 MOUNTAIN HOLIDAY IN A CHARMING TYROLEAN HISTORICAL COMPLEX Via Caminata 29 - 39054 Collalbo - Ph. +39 0471 356356 - info@kematen.it www.kematen.it HOTEL ANSITZ KEMATEN

42 Bolzano with Soprabolzano: a wonderful sightseeing point! By bus it is possibile to reach the Pemmern cable car station which allows to go up to the Corno del Renon ski area: 13 kilometers of ski slopes, about 30 kilometers of winter hiking trails, 3 and a half kilometers of cross-country skiing scope and a toboggan run of almost 4 kilometers. The ski area, thanks to its gentle and wide scope, not too high altitude (from 1,530 to 2,260 meters above sea level) and competitive rates, is the ideal solution for families with children and for those looking for soft tracks surrounded by nature. Other winter attractions are walks with snowshoes, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ski-biking, ski mountaineering and ice skating on Costalovara Lake and on the ice ring in Collalbo. Traditional dishes, emotions to taste The Renon plateau is famous for its typical products, first of all apples and vines that line the sunny slopes of Santa Maddalena, Signato, Auna di Sotto and Siffiano. This products are the basis of local desserts such as strudel, Zelten, baked apples, Kaiserschmarren, Krapfen and elegant and fruity wines such as Pinot bianco and nero. To the fruits of the earth are added the dishes of the peasant tradition: barley soup, Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta), Knödel, a dish consisting of different types of meat and homemade sausages and a side dish of sauerkraut, in addition to the speck and chestnuts accompanied by a good mulled wine. RittenCard, all the benefits in your hand The RittenCard is delivered free of charge when staying in the partner facilities of the Renon Tourist Association and includes a series of benefits including free use of all public transport in South Tyrol, including the narrow-gauge train and the Renon cable car, one ride daily round trip with the Corno del Renon cable car and admission to around 90 museums, castles and exhibitions in South Tyrol, such as the Ötzi museum, the Messner Mountain Museum, the Plattnerhof beekeeping museum, Castel Roncolo and many still others. In addition, seasonal offers, reductions and advantages on leisure activities. Info: www.renon.com

43 Parkhotel Holzner, built in 1908, is located 1,200 meters above sea level on Ritten mountain, and offers a stunning view of pastures and forests, lovely hills, and rugged mountain peaks. It is an alpine refuge surrounded by fresh mountain air and ancient giant trees, and is only a 15-minutes cable-car ride from the city center of Bolzano. With deliberate changes in style and unexpected delights for all generations, the historical house proves that a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover. It offers an incomparable holiday experience, boasting Alpine Art Nouveau and contemporary architecture, wild nature and urban flair, children‘s laughter and timeless recreation. Parkhotel Holzner Paese 18, Soprabolzano - 39054 Renon - South Tyrol - Italy Tel. +39 0471 345 231 | Fax +39 0471 345 593 | info@parkhotel-holzner.com For almost 120 years, the Holzner has been a place of modern zeitgeist, a haven of joy for all generations. Leisure is celebrated as a virtue, so that, depending on age, desire, and mood, guests can play, feast, hike, relax, or simply marvel. A holiday at the Holzner is a delightful experience for all senses, for adults and children alike. CLIMATE-NEUTRAL HOLIDAYS: We have over 120 years of experience in safeguarding, maintaining and crafting our historic hotel – our home. And this process, spanning generations, is intrinsically linked to protecting the nature surrounding us and conserving our resources. Driven by a deep belief in sustainability, we have implemented extensive measures. Read more: www.parkhotel-holzner.com under Sustainability HIDEAWAY FOR ALL GENERATIONS


45 A dream holiday, in the winter, in the middle of pure white snow. This is the recurrent theme of a holiday spent in Val Gardena, a “Ladino” valley with three municipalities and a hundred kilometres of slopes that pass under the rocky massifs of Odle, Sella, Sassolungo and CIR, this is the Dolomites, the so-called Pale Mountains, Unesco world heritage site. Val Gardena, with Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva is known throughout the world by all the ski enthusiasts who wish to have a winter holiday here with infinite possibilities of enjoyment in the open air. The Sellaronda, the mythical skiing area around the Sella massif, which connects the Alpe di Siusi and the Dolomiti Superski (12 ski areas and 1200 km of slopes), they are able to satisfy the needs of all skiers, from the beginner to the professional. One ski pass for more than 500 km of connected slopes, 95% covered with artificial snow and equipped with some of the safest ski lifts in the world, they are serviced every year respecting the Hospitality, snow, culinary delights and sport: a dreaming holiday in Val Gardena

46 standards of the European Union. Every evening the slopes are groomed thanks to more than 300 snow cats. A great part of the history of skiing in Italy, and not only, was written along the pistes and slopes of this valley, thanks to the champions of various disciplines (such as Isolde Kostner, Werner Perathoner and Peter Runggaldier) and to the World Cup whose heats, every year at Christmas time, take place along the mythic piste Saslong, 3.4 km. with a drop of 839 meters. All through winter there is a succession of events such as the Christmas markets at Santa Cristina, the project “Ortisei the Christmas town”, the competition of snow and ice statues, Carnival, the parade in traditional costume, concerts, and sporting displays such as FIS Ski World Cup, the Sellaronda Ski marathon and the Südtirol Gardenissima Kids and the Südtirol Gardenissima. This is the longest, unusual giant slalom in the world, where expert skiers compare themselves with champions of today and yesteryear, on a 6km route Skiing in Val Gardena Val Gardena boasts around a hundred touristic experiences

47 Str. Nives,11- 39048 Selva Gardena (BZ) - Tel. +39 0471 795210 - Fax +39 0471 795080 - info@hotelgranbaita.com www.hotelgranbaita.com IN THE HEARTH OF THE BEAUTIFUL VAL GARDENA

48 OI magazine and is able to combine a strong and fascinating tradition, with technology and avant-garde structures, an ideal holiday for all the winter sports enthusiast. Val Gardena also means high quality gastronomy, art and culture, it is a Valley with an important history and strong traditions, which vigorously expresses the Ladina cultural heritage. Every year in fact initiatives and events are held which transmit the features of this patrimony. All of the cuisine from Gardena, from starred restaurants to mountain refuges or farmsteads, is always based on antique recipes that are reworked according to the chefs and cook’s creativity, using many local raw materials. In the hotels in Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva Gardena you will find comfort and well-being of the highest level. Wellness hotels, family hotels, hotels for your mountain bike holiday and for your skiing holidays offer special services and packages for your stay in Val Gardena. Shopping lovers will be thrilled by the wide choice of shops in Val Gardena. Clothing and footwear shops, specialized shops and wood sculpture shops are characterized by the quality and variety of the offer, as well as by personal and professional advice. The site https://www.valgardena.it/en/ was created to offer everyone the ability to plan holiday, excursions or days of ski mountaineering in Val Gardena and the Dolomites. Here you can book hotels, apartments, bed &breakfast, mountain inns as

49 OI magazine Lum D’or Spa Chalet www.lumdor.it info@lumdor.it LUM D'OR SPA CHALET the perfect symbiosis of privacy and luxury In the heart of the Dolomites, the Lum d'Or Spa chalet is a new and exclusive refuge in the renowned ski area and hiking paradise of Selva di Val Gardena. In a luxurious setting, the elegant Spa chalet, with large windows that open the interiors to the colours of the surrounding mountains, is a structure that blends harmoniously with the landscape. The rooms furnished with old precious wood and soft fabrics are made even warmer and more welcoming by a large fireplace in the living room which creates a pleasant alpine atmosphere. Conceived as an ideal private refuge for 6/8 people, it offers all the services of a luxury hotel: a wellness centre with a Finnish sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, waterfall shower and relaxation oasis. A heated outdoor swimming pool with hydromassage, ideal for relaxing in winter after a day spent skiing, admiring the breath-taking panorama of the Dolomite mountains. A large garden of 600 square meters where you can spend time with friends or family and enjoy the mountain sun, lying on soft loungers or admiring the spectacular starry sky sitting on heated sofas while sipping a glass of selected wine. For lovers of sport and perfect shape, Lum d'Or Spa offers a Technogym-equipped wellness centre to stay fit even on holiday. A rich and varied breakfast and a shuttle service complete the services available for the guests. The exclusive isolated position, surrounded by nature but easy to reach, its breath-taking view, its proximity to the hiking trails and ski slopes, as well as all its services, make Lum d'Or Spa the ideal place for nature lovers, and for those seeking privacy but do not want to give up luxury and comfort.

50 OI magazine well culinary experiences, info and service in Val Gardena. SELVA VAL GARDENA At the head of the Valgardena valley, there is the municipality of Selva Gardena, located at 1,563 m asl. Extending at the foot of the impressive Sella alpenstock, the scenery in which the village is embedded is fabulous and ideal for various outdoor sports. Located between the Sassolungo, Gruppo del Puez, and Sella Mountain ranges, Selva Gardena is a popular place both in summer and winter. Selva Gardena is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, thanks to its connection with the famous Sella Ronda. The largest ski carousel in the world that offers perfectly groomed slopes of all difficulty levels. In addition, the famous ski circuit Sellaronda, runs past Selva Gardena. The Sellaronda is a circuit that leads fitness fanatics or simply active guests to explore the Sella massif in the Dolomites. Skiers on the Sella can complete a trail that is 40 km long, 24 km of which can be completed by cable car. Thanks to Dolomiti Superski, the ski pass for the Dolomites area, you’ll be given access to the Sellaronda. Of course, during the Sellaronda tour also provides you with many interesting opportunities to dine: you can look forward to refreshing beverages and local specialties in countless mountain huts. In summer, the tour Sellaronda can be cycling, crossing four fantastic mountain passes. Other sports facilities such as the Pranives . ice stadium, the golf course, horse riding schools, tennis and squash courts and a skate track complete the offer regarding leisure time activities in Selva di Val Gardena. Starting from Selva Gardena you can reach the neighbouring

51 OI magazine SCUOLA DI SCI E SNOWBOARD SELVA Ski holiday in Val Gardena Ski holiday in Val Gardena? If you want to learn to ski or improve your technique rely on the Selva Ski School, one of the first schools in South Tyrol, founded in 1937. Today over 100 teachers are part of the school, including former World Cup athletes, national instructors and coaches, who stand out for their great competence and professionalism. Experience and know-how have always been the strengths of the Selva Ski School, recognized nationally not only for the knowledge of the most innovative techniques of the moment but also for the attention paid to collective ski courses for children, so to obtain the “Marchio d'Oro” (Golden Brand) as a specialized school for teaching children. The headquarter of the Selva Ski School, a modern and efficient building boasts a fully equipped ski and snowboard rental, a ski deposit, and the Restaurant Kids Selvi. Also available to customers is a snow park with two magic carpets, a ski lift, and a Competitive Centre for those who want tailored technical programs. The school not only collaborates with most of the hotels in Selva Gardena but also organizes torchlight descents, ski shows during the winter season and so on… Scuola di Sci e Snowboard Selva Via Dantercepies, 4 39048 Selva Gardena (BZ) Ph. +39 0471.795156 - Fax +39 0471.794257 info@scuolasciselva.com www.scuolasciselva.com

52 OI magazine Dolomite valleys of Val Badia and Val di Fassa (Province of Trento) via the Passo di Gardena and Passo Sella mountain passes. ORTISEI The municipality of Ortisei is known for its charming and lively centre and is a particularly popular holiday destination. Ortisei, the chief village of Val Gardena, is a town of over 4,600 inhabitants. The municipal area ranges from 1,125 m to 2,518 m asl near the ridge of the Rasciesa and is located on the right bank of the Gardena River. Ortisei has an ancient and rich history. For over two centuries it has been considered the international centre of wood carving. The mountains of Rasciesa, Seceda, Mont Seuc (Alpe di Siusi) which are part of the Dolomiti Superski, the largest ski carousel in the world, transform Ortisei into a true paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and simply for those who love nature. Comfortable ski lifts take you to the heart of the Dolomites, both in summer and in winter. With numerous first-class hotels, residences, garni and apartments, Ortisei offers the ideal accommodation for every taste and need. Numerous restaurants in Ortisei, invite you to enjoy delicious local and international specialties as well as fine wines. For culture lovers, the Museum de Gherdëina offers the opportunity to learn about the history, nature, and culture of Val Gardena. A collection of ancient Val Gardena wooden toys, a section dedicated to art and wood sculptures, prehistoric archaeological finds, and a remarkable collection of fossils found in the Val Gardena area are just some of the attractions that can be admired in the museum.Ortisei is a paradise for hikers, cyclists, mountaineers, skiers, lovers of nature and good food - the perfect place for your holidays in the Dolomites.