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Buy prestigious and comfortable properties in Courmayeur


If you want to buy properties in Courmayeur, you have to go to Charme Maison, which offers valuable properties following a philosophy that focuses great attention on the historical and architectural aspects of local traditions and on protect the environment, saving energy to obtain very efficient Real estate.


The luxurious complex "La Montanina" represents this philosophy: some of these aspects are local wood and stone, carefully selected materials, contemporary architectural solutions, solar and geothermal sources.

The complex is located in Plan Gorret, a charming district just a few minutes from Courmayeur. Built in the early years of the last century, it is immersed in one hectare private park with fir trees and secular larches, harmoniously integrated with the mountain environment and its traditional features.

In the main villa, ten prestigious apartments, divided into panoramic three and four rooms have been completely restored, preserving period elements such as the wooden staircase and the charming frescoes.

Alongside the main villa, in the annexe there are three apartments, smaller in size but with more intimate charm.

Seven are the single-family villas, with different sizes and cuts, well equipped with every comfort. To complete the complex there are car boxes, laundry cellars and ski storage.

Charme Maison

Strada Regionale, 44 - 11013 Courmayeur (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 0165.846218 - 335.6978709 - 335.8181415

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