Food in the Romagna Riviera 

Food in the Romagna Riviera is ... a real tourist attraction!

Emilia Romagna is the only one in Europe to boast a basket of 44 P.D.O. products (D.O.P. in Italian) and P.G.I.(I.G.P. in Italian) and to be considered the perfect synthesis of the best Italian cuisine in the world.

The excellence of taste of Romagna Riviera is able to surprise the eyes and palates of food lover tourists from the Apennines to the coast.

Ancient land and sea recipes can be enjoyed in hotels as well as in the best restaurants from Ferrara to Cattolica.

Local products including extra virgin olive oil P.D.O.,(D.O.P. in Italian) the famous C.D.O.(D.O.C in Italian) wines, truffles, mushrooms, cheeses, such as, squacquerone, raveggiolo and the “Fossa” cheese, the rice of Ferrara plains, the salt of Cervia and many other delicacies can be purchased directly from producers on farms in the surrounded hills or in the food and wines shops of the seaside resorts.

Food in Romagna Riviera is also the Piadina (a flat bread), once a poor bread home made from the “azdora” (an old dialect word that means matriarch), today is a P.G.I. (IGP in Italian) street food symbol.


Start your journey in the Italian Food Valley: choosing a restaurant by the sea or a typical country “trattoria”, as well a wine shop or a taste shop, you have not to miss the best of the Romagna tradition at the table.