Parma Italian City of Art

City of aristocratic cultural traditions, rich in precious works of art, Parma Italian City of Art is famous worldwide for its famous sons: artist such as Benedetto Antelami and Salimbene, Correggio and Parmigianino, Bodoni, Verdi and Toscanini, Stendhal and Proust and others. It is the administrative centre.

Parma’s history speaks of famous lords (Visconti, Este, Sforza, Farnese, Borboni ) whose splendour shines even today in the many masterpieces that are scattered in the town and surrounding areas.


Parma Italian City of Art: the Unesco capital of culture 2020

For the great cultural tradition, Parma Italian City of Art has been chosen to be the Unesco capital of culture 2020, with the slogan: “Culture beats time”.

The project is structured into 4 thematic work panels, called contemporary workshops - ten workshops-laboratory, seven exhibitions, seven shows and five productions - involving cities and territory, Emilia tourist district included. A project that collects and enhances the infrastructural and strategic vision results that have characterized the last years and with the promise of a shared realization with the citizens and with the different social, cultural, educational and economic actors for the next five years.



Parma Italian City of Art but also Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy.

It is considered the heart of the Italian Food Valley and one of the destination with the highest number of typical products protected with quality brands in Italy: PDO Parma Ham, PDO Parmigiano Reggiano, PDO Culatello di Zibello, PGI Porcini Mushroom di Borgotaro, PGI Coppa di Parma, CDO wines of the Parma hills and many others.