Made in Italy shopping in Milan

If you are planning to enjoy a Made in Italy shopping tour, remember that Milan and fashion is an inseparable binomial at the international level.

This is why when you talk about Made in Italy shopping in Milan, fashion and accessories are what comes to your mind because it is here, in one of the most beautiful Italian cities of art, which beats the heart of “Italian style”.


Made in Italy shopping streets in Milan

Made in Italy shopping in Milan can start at the Fondazione Prada in Via Fogazzaro. Passing from Corso di Porta Venezia you enter into the heart of the so-called “ fashion quadrangle”: a stage for high fashion, for true lovers of designer labels, which includes Via Spiga, Via Montenapoleone, considered one of the fifteen most luxurious and expensive streets in the world, Via Manzoni and the beginning of Corso Venezia. The most important labels, the historic “Maison” that have made “Made in Italy” a coveted brand. Inside the quadrangle, there are elegant and prestigious streets such as Via Borgospesso, Via Santo Spirito, Via Gesù, Via Sant’Andrea, and Via Bagutta. In the occasion of the fashion shows, all of the area assumes an even more socialite character and the courtyards of the aristocratic buildings are often open to inquiring visitors. The fashion of Milan is luxury, but also innovative proposals, outside the “quadrangle” – required destination for those who want to acquire clothes and designer accessories – everything is there: from large international industrial brands to small shops.

Shopping in Milan means going in search of lots of open-air local street markets where you can acquire all sorts of goods, from food to clothing. Otherwise, you could devote your time to the search of furniture, furnishings and works of art in the numerous antique dealers of Brera and Navigli

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II is the classic central street for strolling, pedestrianized since 1985. There are several shops, above all clothing, low cost department stores, as well as Rinascente- true temple of Milan purchases – with eight floors of displays it really offers everything, even the possibility to lunch looking at the nearby spires of the Duomo. Style, determination and innovation are the hallmarks of the shops of Corso Vercelli.

Corso Vercelli is the prestigious shopping street in Milan, where you will find all the latest proposals and the latest trends in fashion, jewellery, health and beauty. 


Made in Italy shopping tour in Milan, what to buy

Not only famous brands on a Made in Italy shopping tour in Milan, but you have also to look for unique and customized items made by small ateliers, or objects of design and high-quality handmade jewellery.