Tours, Bike Hotels, and Bike Rentals: everything you need for your cycling holidays in Italy

Cycling holidays in Italy are a real surprise, especially for those who love to travel at a slow pace. It is a wonderful way to get closer to nature as well discover the history, culture, and traditions of the Belpaese.

Exploring new territories, off-the-beaten-track areas, reserves unique emotions. There are so many options if you want to travel by bike; you can cycle for days or take day trips by bike to the sea, in the hills and in the mountains, following the cycle paths on the maps, or with the help of expert guides.


How to organize cycling holidays in Italy

The great thing about cycling holidays is that they can be organized by anyone. You don't need to be experts or trained, just choose the itineraries consciously, carefully plan stages and routes and get the right bike.


How to organize cycling holidays in Italy

Cycling holidays can be organized by anyone. It is not necessary to be an expert or a trainer. Once you have chosen a destination, all you have to do is plan carefully stages, routes and get yourself the right bike.


Cycling holidays in Italy: where to go to sleep

There are several b&b, hotels and campsites that can good quality standards and all the necessary services for those who decide to spend their holidays by bike in Italy such as: bicycle repair shops, washing facilities, covered and supervised garages and abundant breakfasts.


Cycling holidays in Italy: useful services

Finding your way around with maps, routes and itineraries may not be easy, especially for those who are organizing their first cycling holidays in Italy. The advice is therefore to contact a guide, a specialized rental for excursions as well as for the choice of your perfect "travel partner".


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