The “Belpaese” is famous all over the world for its artistic beauties and the countless monuments resulting from its glorious history. In Italy, there are many cities of art worth visiting, but there is another reason to visit them: the Made in Italy shopping.

Shopping in Italy is “a must “for those visiting Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Bologna or Naples. The main streets of these cities, in fact, are a display of prestigious boutiques and handcraft shops that offer the real “handmade”, making shopping an unforgettable experience.

In these, exclusive settings you can find from the most important men’s and women’s clothing brands and the pride of many Italian regions, the artisanship, that offers an art handed down from centuries, e.g. the ancient art of working leather, wood, glassware, ceramics and precious stones

In short, from North to South, Made in Italy shopping is a 360°experience!