Holidays in Capri Island in Gulf of Naples, "а whim of the Gods"

Natural beauty, deep-rooted history, mild climate and bright landscape: for all these reasons international tourists spend their holidays in Capri Island in Gulf of Naples.

In fact, the Island of Capri is one of the most picturesque and visited locations in Campania and its unique beauties were celebrated in ancient times.

For the Greeks and later the Romans till Tiberius, Capri was an island of boar goats, and other animals. Hence the Island was named Kapros, which in Greek means "wild boar". Tiberius loved the island too, and he had a series of villas built there.

Capri’s fame spreads across the world as a result of the large numbers of German, British, Russian and French celebrities: writers, artists, journalists and politicians. The charm of its legendary status, the dramatic cliffs, the deep blue sea, the elegance of the Piazzetta and the shops that line the lanes, the nightlife tinged with the moon’s silvery light, the famous hotels and the breath-taking walks, these are Capri’s visiting card and offer a rich and varied style of tourism.

Capri, wild yet at the same time delicate, with its fame and its magic, will continue to draw whoever is in search of that special place, welcoming and exciting, rich in history and tradition, elegant yet outlandish, a unique island, whim of the gods.


The 10 Best Things to see during holidays in Capri Island in Gulf of Naples

Holidays in Capri Island in Gulf of Naples wouldn't be complete without seeing the top 10 attractions: The Blue Grotto, Arco Naturale, Grotta di Matermania, Pizzolungo, Tragara, The Giardini di Augusto Via Krupp, Marina Piccola, Villa Jovis, Scala Fenicia, Certosa di San Giacomo Chartreuse of St. James. While the 3 best things to see in Anacapri are: The Path of Borbonic Forts, Monte Solaro and Monte Cetrella.


Tour of Capri by Sea

One thing that can not miss during the holidays in Capri Island in Gulf of Naples is a tour of Capri by sea.

Organized tours are the perfect solution for visitors who have little time to spare (those on a short day trip, for example), whereas an individual tour with a private boat rental is ideal for travellers who have the time to enjoy the charms of Capri by sea at their leisure.

If you visit Capri during the peak summer months, avoid scheduling your boat tour around the island for the middle of the day. Instead, take advantage of the relative calm by setting off first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon when you will have the seas to yourself. In high season, the waters surrounding Capri are crowded with tour boats, so if you opt to rent a private boat we strongly suggest you enlist the services of an expert crew, as well!


Shopping Tour in Capri Island in Gulf of Naples

In the most glamorous island of the Gulf of Naples can not miss the purchases. The "triangle" of shopping tour in Capri goes from the Piazzetta to Via Camerelle and Via Le Botteghe, a true haven of high fashion and design. Here, in fact, the luxury boutiques and the great brands of Made in Italy are concentrated, but also the best artisan shops, for the purchase of unique and unobtainable items or accessories, true symbols of Capri style, such as caftans or leather sandals .

Another product that deriving from an ancient tradition is the perfume, turning to Capri you can see different artistic perfumeries where flowers and herbs are transformed into magical fragrances.

The Shopping in Capri then continues in Via Giuseppe Orlandi and along the road that leads to Villa San Michele in Anacapri.


Food of Capri Island in Gulf of Naples

Food of Capri is fish and fresh vegetables all livened up with luscious olive oil.

 Although simple and tasty, the cuisine is a subtle combination of influences left over by the various rulers of the island, from the Greeks and Romans to the French and Spanish.

The most famous dishes of the local cuisine are: Caprese Salad, Ravioli and Stuffed Squid.