It is so hard to resist shopping during your holidays in Dolomites Italy!


Where to go shopping in Dolomites 

Walking in the centres of the most famous ski resorts you will find shops to suit every taste: Italian boutiques, famous clothing stores, jewelleries, sports’ shops and traditional handcrafts.


What to buy during shopping in the Dolomites

The fashion addicted can go hunting of “Limited Edition” pieces, from big fashion houses, to show off on the ski slopes or in the coolest places, while lovers of tradition can looking for local hand crafted pieces. In fact is a very old and deeply rooted tradition, in these regions, to use poor materials such as wood, iron, wool to create nicely crafted objects of rare distinction. In addition, for those of you with a sweet tooth, there are “shops of taste” where buy a "piece of the Dolomites" to relive, even at home, the experience of good traditional cuisine.


From the Made in Italy clothing item to the precious accessory, or the traditional handcraft rich in history, whatever your choice, discover where to go shopping in the Dolomites, to comeback home with a "souvenir" for you or your friends.