Gressoney Cross-Country Ski School

The cross-country skiing in Gressoney


Cross-country skiing is an elegant winter sport as well as one of the healthiest sports training different muscle groups and improves motor coordination.


Founded in the 70s thanks to the teacher and trainer Luigi Filippa, the school director still now, the Gressoney Cross-Country Ski School has trained many champions.


Located in a small chalet near Lake Gover, right on the Regina Della Valle del Lys slope, it organizes group lessons, private lessons of cross-country skiing for each level from beginner to advanced skier up to competitive preparation and some very interesting side activities, such as snowshoe hikes.


The instructors of the Gressoney cross-country ski school, made up of a team of highly professional teachers, including many national champions, will be glad to teach you this winter sport or the most suitable techniques to improve your style.

Gressoney Cross-Country Ski School

Via Deffeyes, 18 - 11025 Lago Gover (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 347.5480471

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