La Bouche Cocktail Bar

Your exclusive cocktail bar in Courmayeur


La Bouche is an unusual pub, infact, the cocktail bar in Cormayeur is a trendy place, with a cozy atmosphere, dedicated to those looking for something different.

Inspired by international clubs, you will be struck by the modern design of the stainless steel counter, in contrast to the wooden wine cellar, where ,two practised bartenders, will offer all kinds of cocktails and drinks to satisfy every taste and preference.


Beside the classic bar counter , there are intimate relaxing corners. Outside the new elegant exterior “dehor”, with tables and love seats, is open also in winter, thanks to braziers and warm lights, that create a magical atmosphere at the foot of Mont Blanc.


On the menu a wide list of classic or reinterpreted cocktails, always made with great care. Gin, Rum,Vodka and Tequila from all over the world but also vermouth and Italian bitter. 
An international “mixology” menu, studied to make it  possible to taste many local products too, such as the genepi.
Ask the bar staff  to personalise your drink, here innovation and research into mixing drinks are at home.


Not only cocktail but all you need is included in the menu, beers wines or specialty mixed drinks. 

There is also a rich selection of International and local wines, but also champagnerie  to accompany a small brunch or some gourmet dishes. Finally a great selection of red and pale beers and the new craft beer Mont Blanc. 


A fine after-ski meeting place where you can taste a selection of fresh seasonal finger food, a cheeses board with local cheeses and  cold cuts meat.


After aperitif time, La Bouche, turns into an enjoyable place for a night full of fun!
The lighted bar counter, the soft lights ,drinks, and good music create an intimate and enjoyable experience, until late at night.


La Bouche for those that want to feel good and have fun!


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La Bouche Cocktail Bar

Via Regionale, 12 - 11013 Courmayeur (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 328.6725420

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