Mary&Co Ristorante

From the very beginning, we have pursued a “cultural” approach to foods and wines strictly belonging to local tradition and territory.

Great writers and travellers of the past pointed out the importance of culinary customs as a key to real understanding of any people’s culture.

Aside from useless provincialism, we believe that there is a great show of civilization in a menu beginning over 2000 years ago with meals like Polenta and Luganega (corn mush with pork sausage) to continue with Asparagus and eggs - so beloved by Julius Caesar - or with the legendary Guinea-fowl baked in the clay Cassola (pork stew with cabbage) the alpine Pizzoccheri the best-sellers the Risotto alla Milanese (Saffron rice) and Cotoletta alla Milanese (breaded veal sirloin cutlet ). Last, but not least, how would it be possible not to consider Panettone (Milan Christmas sweet).

This is our history and what we proudly offer.

According to the availability of raw materials, the menu changes frequently.

Mary&Co Ristorante

Via M. Longa, 5 - 23032 Bormio (SO) - IT

Tel: +39 0342.910864

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