Noleggio La Glisse

Ski rent in Champoluc, ski service, and storage: a comfortable and stylish holiday


Located in an ideal location, just underneath the ski lift of Champoluc, the main gate to access to the Monterosa Ski resort and in front to all bus and shuttles stop, the ski rent in Champoluc 'La Glisse', offers a very extensive service, both for professionals than beginners.


Part of “Rent and Go”, a rental group presents in all the best Italian ski resorts, La Glisse stands out for its high-quality equipment, always tested: avant guard ski and snowboard models, best brand helmets, goggles, skiing boots, as well all accessories for a perfect holiday in the snow.


The ski rent in Champoluc also provides an internal workshop completely automated an expert and professional team ready to satisfy any client’s request and practical heated lockers where to store your personal effects while you are skiing and your gear overnight. You will find it in the locker the next day warm, dry, and ready to wear, with the advantage of it already being close to the ski lifts.


La Glisse, for a comfortable and stylish holiday!

Noleggio La Glisse

Route Ramey, 65 - 11020 Champoluc (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 0125.308156

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