Only Ski

Ski rental in La Thuile


La Thuile is one of the largest ski resorts in the Valle d'Aosta offering 80 ski slopes with different difficulty levels.

In this, beautiful area, just on the ski slopes, since 1988, is nestled the Only Ski, a top quality ski rental shop to better enjoy the emotions of the snow. With a qualified staff and a professional laboratory, Only Ski is one of the best ski equipment, snowboard and a mountain bike rental in summer.


Gear rental, freeride skis and mountaineering and sales too, including sports clothing. "Only Ski" store offers everything you need for your days on the snow and for your outdoors sport. In addition, for those who spend more days on the ski slope, it offers a ski safe storage service, avoiding them, a daily transport of skis and snowboards.

Only Ski

Fraz. Entreves 122 - 11016 La Thuile (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 0165.885307

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