Scuola Sci Monte Bianco

Ski school in Courmayeur, paradise for freeride, freestyle and snowboarding


Opened in 1936 the ski school in Courmayeur, Scuola Di Sci Monte Bianco, with 180 instructors, is the biggest in Italy.


It offers individual and group lessons of Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing and Telemark, it is always at the forefront in following and promoting the new trends in skiing (freeride-freestyle-snowboard).


Thanks to the school's instructors and guides you can discover and fully enjoy Mont Blanc, the paradise of freeride.


Great attention is paid to the children, with highly specialised instructors who offer customised solutions including a Mini Club for children from 6 months to 10 years old!

In the coloured and well equipped field ski school in Courmayeur the instructors help their pupils to take their first steps on the snow, instilling a love of the mountains.

Scuola Sci Monte Bianco

Strada Regionale, 51 - 11013 Courmayeur (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 0165.842477

Fax: +39 0165.846488

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