Ski In Noleggio Sci e Snowboard

Ski and snowboard rental in Courmayeur beside the Checrouit cable car and the Courmayeur cableway


Ski In is the historic first class ski and snowboard rental in Courmayeur for adults and children. Two shops, guarantee the best service: one on the slopes at Plan Checrouit, with heated and monitored equipment storage, professional lab Wintersteiger for the preparation of skies and snowboards, secure lockers to deposit personal property.

The other on Via Regionale 33, beside the cableway, where you can buy ski passes until late evening.


Our qualified staff are ready to help experts and beginners with the choice of the best equipment.


It is possible to book on line your sci and snowboard rental in Courmayeur!


Facebook: Ski In Courmayeur

Ski In Noleggio Sci e Snowboard

Via Regionale, 33 - 11013 Courmayeur (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 0165.848046

Fax: +39 0165.848046

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