Tanina Ravioli e Dintorni

An outstanding gastronomy store in Courmayeur


At the beginning, the gastronomy store in Courmayeur "Tanina Ravioli e Dintorni" was designed to sell only fresh pasta and ravioli, but in a tourist resort like Courmayeur where most of the tourists come to play sports and relax, the demand for ready meals prevails so Tanina supported by her son Florian training chef, decided to offer also a takeaway service.


Today, Tanina and Florian offer a wide variety of ready to eat dishes and sauces like ragout (meat sauce) or pesto sauce, but also a selection of Valdostan cuisine, such as polenta, various game stews, stewed sausage as well typical Italian dishes like lasagne, roasts, savoury pies, cous-cous, paella or chili with meat.


They committed to offer superior quality food utilizing, as much as they can, the freshest ingredients according to the seasons,: in summer, for example, they prepare tagliatelle with wild spinach (here called vercuino better known as the good Enrico's herb) or ravioli with nettle and ginger (these herbs are collected directly from Tanina).


Delicious gourmet food are prepared for special occasions.In summer, you can enjoy your dinner or lunch sitting on the lovely dehor.

Tanina Ravioli e Dintorni

Via degli Anziani, 18 - 11013 Courmayeur (AO) - IT

Tel: Mob. +39 340.9290930


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