The Chalet Des Artistes

A pearl at the foot of the Matterhorn


The Chalet Des Artistes is a real pearl at the foot of the Matterhorn where you can experience unique emotions and a dreaming stay. Located in the hearth of Valtournenche the chalet has been conceived by the artist Dolores Conto Bich while Gabriele Maquignaz, international artist and local entrepreneur, has completely revisited it.


Chalet des Artistes provides some unique ambiences in which travellers will be amazed at the very coloured paintings, the many sculptures and the great interior design objects, directly realised by the owner to make a more sophisticated atmosphere.


In addition, guests will be delighted by the beautiful view offered by the large windows of the main hall and most of the rooms, getting lost in the amazing landscape.

The enveloping and bright environment will bring the guest to discover the places and the perfumes of Valtournenche giving him a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Chalet Des Artistes

Via Montaz, 37 - 11028 Paquier - Valtournenche (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 327.3831761

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