Toilasor Europe’s highest Whisky bar

In the Kingdom of taste between whisky and excellent cuisine in a restaurant in Livigno


Taste is always protagonist in the Toilasor restaurant in Livigno, always rich in novelty to sublimate the palate.

The restaurant as well as the pizzeria from 1995 impresses guests by the passion, friendliness and hospitality of the experienced managers making guests feel at home. 


Chef Walter offers a variety of quality first-class meats, Florentine, Angus, fillet and grilled pork, homemade fresh pasta, and an excellent pizza baked in a wood-fired oven
The proposed dishes are paired with extraordinary combinations of excellent wines stored in a temperature and humidity controlled winery showcase.


Do not miss the whiskeria (Whisky bar) managed by Fabio, who will be happy to explain to his guests, the characteristics of more than 500 bottles carefully selected, between whiskey, rum and gin, 
You can also find the “whiskeria” in the centre of Livigno at Fontana Street.


The same passion is reserved to their two Chalets; one is located behind the restaurant in Livigno, in a quiet and sunny area, the second is located in Trepalle considered the highest village in Europe.


Via Compart, 535 - 23030 Livigno (SO) - IT

Tel: +39 0342.979259

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