Abis Jacopo

Jacopo Abis was born in Venice in 1955. He studied artistic and literary subjects and lives and works in the province of Venice.


Since the early Seventies, the artist partakes in solo and collective shows realized, to quote some examples, in artistic and literal associations in Venice, Fiorenzuola d’Arda (Pc), Ancona, Trieste and Treviso. Jacopo Abis has exhibited in foreign cities such as Riga and Hamburg.


In these years, he also begins to take part in poetry contests. His compositions are published in anthologies and in collections, the last of which is "...fa freddo ricorda di chiuder la porta" published by Vicolo del Pavone of Piacenza.


For over thirty years, Jacopo Abis teaches Tecniche dell’incisione e della grafica d’arte at Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice and, recently, at Villa Manin of Passariano (Ud).

For some time, he teaches Stampa e serigrafia at the Accademia di Belle Arti.


He works in the fields of engraving, pottery and photography for years and works as curator and speaker in conferences and presentations.

Giorgio Trentin, Saverio Simi De Burgis, Marcello Colusso and Diego Collovini have written about Jacopo Abis.

Abis Jacopo

Via Campocroce, 28 - 30037 Gardignano di Scorzè (TV) - IT

Tel: +39 393.3880190



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