Berselli Natalia

Natalia Berselli was born in Endine (Bg) in 1959.

Lives and works in Endine. After the classical studies, she graduated in Architecture.

She currently teaches Drawing and History of Art at the college.

In 1992, she started to exhibit her artworks in personal and collective shows, where she reached lively approvals by the critics and the audience.


Her firsts artworks are early figurative studies in which the landscapes were realized with tenuous and dusty hues.


In 1988, the travel in the United States brought Natalia Berselli to change completely her way to express herself and to adopt a pictorial research focused on shapes and colors.

Starting from 2004, the artist dedicates herself to the elaboration of a new model of the Theory of color that includes all the seven colors of the visual spectrum.


The subjects preferred are figures, landscapes, seabeds, still lifes or unrestrained abstract- geometric compositions of fluid and bright colors which create play of transparencies and build the canvas in sharp hues that sometimes are in a great contrast with the elements represented.

Berselli Natalia

Via Tonale, 138 - 24060 Endine Gaiano (BG) - IT

Tel: +39 035/827296 - Mob: +39 339.4734474

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