Bravetti Marcella

Marcella Bravetti was born in 1938 in Perugia. She started painting as audidact in the second half of the Seventies.

She has taken part in several exhibitions, contests and art shows in Italy and abroad. She is in the virtual art gallery 3D Virtual Art Gallery since two years.


In Marcella Bravetti’s creations the strong recalls of the colors is intensely sustained by the necessity of convey the social, political and humanistic passions that has marked deeply her personal life.

The travel to Amsterdam allows her to get in direct contact with the artworks of Vincent Van Gogh. This experience has deeply influenced the production of the artist from Perugia.

Marcella Bravetti prefers in her paintings oil on canvas and on board, experimenting at the same the oil on paper.

In 2017, she has published the novel "La bambina dalle guance rosse".

Bravetti Marcella

Via Giovanni Verga, 3 - 06125 Perugia (PG) - IT

Tel: +39 339.4039855

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