Delaude Giuseppe

Giuseppe Delaude was born in Turin in 1943.

He lives and works in Madonna della Scala (To).

He has exhibited in art galleries in Moncalieri, Florence and in Saint Laurent Du Var and has taken part in shows promoted by cultural associations.


Giuseppe Delaude is a post-impressionist figurative painter. The artist prefers to use the oil, the watercolor and the pastel in his artworks. The subjects represented are mainly figures and landscapes.


"Painter in search of emotions, Giuseppe Delaude applies himself to solve the measurements of the landscape on the poetic field and to enhance human events conveying them into existential moments and aspects due to highlight a clear art message without revolutionary artifices. Beside the figures, also the landscapes are interesting. The artist discovers every time in those of the country the truest meaning of their origins, the strong bond that connects him either to the usual places and to the poetry’s notes and the pictorial definitions that the artist leads beyond the superficial concreteness of things." - Gianni Sesta Della Merla

Delaude Giuseppe

Via Cassano, 16 - 10020 Cambiano (TO) - IT

Tel: +39 339.6986190 / +39 011.9416488

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