Jandolo Benedetta

Benedetta Jandolo was born in Forlì, where she studied at Istituto d’Arte.

She earned the diploma of Disegnatore Anatomico at the University of Bologna and she attended the painting class at I.N.A.S.A. in Venice.

She currently lives and works in Bologna, where she teaches Anatomia Artistica and Discipline Pittoriche at the art school.

Benedetta Jandolo has partaken in several solo and collective exhibitions and in artistic events in Italy and abroad.

Art experts like Giorgio Celli, Enzo Santese, Marilena Pasquali, Nicola Micieli and Roberto Maria Siena have written about Benedetta Florio’s work.

Her artworks are in several public and private collections in Italy and abroad.


"Below the image, as its load-bearing structure, there are the continuous detailed analysis of the composition, the daily work on drawing, the study of the adorned and varnished color and the attention to the play of transparencies, which are the veilings well known by the artists for their ability to give to the image an effect of vibration, a breath that enliven it. But there is something more: the images that Giorgio Celli, with his characteristic magic words, calls: “fate morgane floreali” are shapes of a permanent condition of dream, of difficult dimension, which is almost unattainable, where life and death come together in the desire. A far echo invades these images and makes them fluctuate; as a sort of single chords, each parts of the artworks isolate themselves from the whole and, later, gather there in a dance. It is like to be in an aquarium, where the continuous motion appears to be languid and slow; where every presence blends and lose weight while the look is lost in transparencies..."Marilena Pasquali

Jandolo Benedetta

Via Antonio Orlandi, 11- 2 - 40139 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 051.543677



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