Klimenko Alexander

Alexander Klimenko, born in Lyubertsy, the Moscow region, in 1954, lives and works in Moscow. A graduate of Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, he is a member of the Artists’ Union of Moscow and Russia participating in major art exhibitions.


A number of works by Alexander Klimenko are stored in private collections in Russia and abroad. Moscow hosted Klimenko’s solo exhibitions in 2015 and 2016. 


The artist Massimiliano Robino described his works as follows:

"The sky and water are elements that persist in paintings by Alexander Klimenko and they are perpetuated in perfect harmony to give us all relief and contemplation, as what we see today might no longer exist tomorrow. The water flows seem to carry the observer away to well-defined places, where the memory fades and the air fills with poetry intertwined with the vivid expression of oil paint. Belonging clearly to a different era, his paintings seem to emphasize an inner melancholy linking the author to periods when time extended to the extent allowing us to capture every little shade and when the alternating flows/paths assumed a well-defined meaning."

Klimenko Alexander

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