Moretti Amelia

Amelia Moretti was born in Novi di Modena (Mo) in 1932. Lives and works in Turin. In this city she has studied at Accademia Albertina and at Accademia di Belle Arti, where she was student of Felice Casorati and Francesco Menzio.


Amelia Moretti keeps from the first artist the solidity of the volumes and from the second one the realistic nature of the subjects.


The painter prefers spread oil on canvas with brush or with spatula, that is a tool which permits her to create original hues and effects of movement. She also uses with confidence the watercolor, the charcoal and the sanguine.


Her artworks are built with a sharp and immediate drawing that suggests the profile of the subjects depicted, which are distraught Women and natural compositions where prevails a sense of serenity.


The artist has taken part in several exhibitions in Italy and in Europe, obtaining a great interest. Her artworks are in Italian and European art galleries and in the Vatican corridors.

Moretti Amelia

Via Ferretti, 14 - 42042 Fabbrico (RE) - IT

Tel: +39 335.8098666

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