Pasini Marco

Marco Pasini was born in Bologna, where he lives and works.

He has partaken in several exhibitions and art contests in Italy and abroad, obtaining recognitions and prizes.

Keen on photography since he was young, the artist has studied the technique through specific studies and develops a constant research on the visual arts through the digital processing.


Marco Pasini elaborates new shapes that come from the interaction between his creativity and the thought.

The spatial research takes place where does not exist burdens, where, frequently, there are a lot of main characters.


As writes Gian Luigi Zucchini, the places represented by the artist are “the mental perception of the very same reality: an idea, more than an object or a shape, where subliminal methapores, something that is at the same time fantastic, mystic, evanescent, fleeting. (...) These are immersions in the mystery of the things and the time, and in the absolute silence the spaces, which caused fears and tremors in Pascal.”

Pasini Marco

Via Cherubini, 18 - 40141 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 333.4171749

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