Vairo Virgilio

Virgilio Vairo was born in Manfredonia (Fg) in 1937.

Since his childhood, he devoted himself to drawing and painting. Over the years, his passion became a daily commitment. He moved to Como in 1961.

The impact with the mists of Northern Italy and the contact with the Lombard artistic environment have led him to filter out the colors and the shapes of his homeland, which are transfigured up to reach a higher metaphysical cohesion.

In 2013, he realized paintings of the series Immagini Lariane for the solo show at the Museum of Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo (Co). Here, he interprets the atmosphere of the lake for the first time.


His works can be found in important public and private collections in Italy and abroad.


"Virgilio Vairo’s Apulian origin gives a special mark to his work, which is obviously linked to the light and the sweet draft of the sea, but also to the simplicity of the patterns: in Apulia, as is known, the Baroque itself, even in its expressive intensity, is not overabundant or convoluted (...). The Apulia-Lombardy bond, in which the cultural affinities are intertwined with the well-established local peculiarities, makes Vairo’s inspirational themes a repertoire of high emotional suggestions. His painting is an extraordinary encounter between sentimental impulses and intellectual thoughts." - Rossana Bossaglia


"Virgilio Vairo’s rigorous figuration bring us ideally back either
to the metaphysical movement of Carlo Carrà and to the geometry developed by the Nordic cultural tradition. At the same time, the research of the artist from Puglia suggests the energy and the atmosphere of “personal memories,” which places him ex officio among the most interesting contemporary painters. Olive trees and shells come out of the canvas through that neat line and urban factories are depicted plainly and without frills through an invisible brush. Vairo suggests different endings for urbanization and analyses it in a research close to us and led with nostalgia." - Everardo Dalla Noce 

Vairo Virgilio

Via Monte Bisbino, 66 - 22070 Casnate con Bernate (CO) - IT

Tel: +39 328.9129074

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