Actis Caporale Anna

Anna Actis Caporale was born in Mazzè (To), where she lives and works, in 1951.

She has done economic studies and has worked in the banking system.

Since her childhood, she holds interests in the artistic and in the archeological area.

She is a member of the associations "Francesco Mondino" and "Mattiaca", which investigate the local territory’s discovering of the prehistoric and the Roman ages.


She dedicates herself mainly to painting, developed in a stimulating domestic environment thanks to the influence of her father Aldo and her brother Sergio.

Anna Actis Caporale extends her interests to the photography. Inspired by her numerous travels, has produced exotic and fantastic paintings in which animals and insects are the main characters.

These are the result of the unexpected inspirations imprinted.


She has realized two photographic albums in collaboration with Guido Fornaris: "Cina" and "Marocco", where they testify her travels.


The artist has illustrated several books, such as "Racconti fantastici" and "Mazzè, porta del Canavese. La grande storia di un piccolo paese" by Livio Barengo and "Le mele d’oro" by Matteo Gallenca.

Actis Caporale Anna

Via Perino, 19 - 10035 Mazzè (TO) - IT

Tel: +39 348.8713273

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