Aere Roberto

Roberto Aere was born in Verona in the 14th of February. He has taken part in the artistic scene for several years.


Starting either from objects of everyday life and from ordinary landscapes, the artist presents places belonging to the common experience in his artworks. The subjects are “flattened” and simplified in bidimensional structures by intense brush strokes.


The rich palette of oil and acrylic colors undefinedly spread on the canvas gives to the artworks a sharp intensity.


The human figure is absent, but the observer could perceive its presence scrutinizing through the partial view offered by a window or a half-closed door.

This privileged point of view allows him to be in tune with the artwork and to claim his place in it.

Aere Roberto

Via S.Rocchetto di Quinzano, 30 - 37125 Verona (VR) - IT

Tel: +39 340.2903991

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