Bocelli Michele

Michele Bocelli was born in Milan in 1963.

He studied at Scuola libera del Nudo in Florence under Riccardo Saldarelli.

In 1989, he obtained a degree at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera in Milan.

Later, he graduated from Parsons school of art and design in Paris.

The artist has partaken in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Michele Bocelli has contributed to various magazines, periodicals and publishing companies. His artworks are at the Museo degli Orsanti in Vigoleno (Pc).


Michele Bocelli, who is an eclectic artist, expresses himself with from one hand haut-relief sculptures made of coated fiberglass, which is intensely emotional, and from the other pictorial compositions made of oil.

Major elements of the artworks are the intense hues, which function is to relate the artist’s world whereby a vortex of ceaseless energy goes through the chromatic flux.

Michele Bocelli expresses the color as energy pouring out his sensitivity on the pictorial surface with intense poetic spirit.

Staying in the figurative tradition, he uses a visual language completely fresh which acts on multiple emotional levels due to communicate the multiplicity of his thoughts and emotions.


His artworks convey a philosophy aimed at the immanence of life through a totally new visual presentation, whereas it is clearly grounded in a strong pictorial culture.


The depictions preferred by the artist are those linked to his interests and to the blended between old and new, which are interpreted passionately and through an investigation able to bring out the most hidden poem of the subject represented.

Bocelli Michele

Via delle Gaggie, 22 - 43124 Parma (PR) - IT

Tel: +39 338.7154783

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