Capra Riccardo

Riccardo Capra was born in Monza in 1963.

He lives and works in Monza. The strong passion for the art, meant as a creative and cultural discipline, informs the painter’s and illustrator’s work since his childhood.

Riccardo capra refined his natural artistic skills, which have been highlighted early, and his passion for the different techniques by attending Paolo Borsa school in Villa Reale, Monza, by studying the drawing’s techniques, his favourite medium, and by partecipating in courses held by masters of watercolor in Monza and Aldo Damioli in Milan, with who Riccardo Capra has improved the oil technique.


The subjects represented are not only landscapes, both naturalistic and architectural, but also still lifes and female figures.

His artworks appear in specialized magazines as Effetto Arte and in catalogues such as "Collezione Arte Contemporanea", "ECCELLENZE. Sguardi sulla pittura Contemporanea" and "Catalogo Arte" Mondadori.


Critics like professors Flavio De Gregorio, Florinda Alagna Tomaselli, Roberto Dudine, Diana D’Isanto and Paolo Levi have written reviews about Riccardo Capra’s artworks.


Among the recent exhibitions it can be mentioned "Vita Nuova", with the related prize "Nike di Samotracia", at "Galleria d’Arte Centro Storico", Florence, and the shows "Tra Vintage e Moderno" at Spazio Moderno, Arona (No), and "Art Escape 2016" at Palazzo Zenobio, Venice.


Capra Riccardo

Via Brembo, 1F - 20900 Monza (MB) - IT

Tel: +39 392.4292502 / +39 039.2103483

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