Caselli Paolo Watzon

G. G. Paolo Caselli Watzon was born in 1939 in Florence, where he lives and works. He was student of Alfredo Majorino and Vinicio Berti.

Caselli Watzon exhibits in Italy and abroad since 1958. During his artistic career he has received several prizes and recognitions.


The artist joins the Abstract movement and has founded the group "7 Santi".

Famous Italian and foreign critics have written about the artist. His artworks are in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.


"The expressive strength generated by the sharp use of the spatula in the oils on board of G. G. Paolo Caselli Watzon visualizes a reality that is blended in the oneiric, bringing out landscapes laden with metaphysical tension from the vastness of deep hues. This is a clear indication of the emotional transport with the Florentine artist deals when unveiling the real to make it visibile to who approach his paintings. The artist goes further, leading the observer to look for the chromatic dimension the sign of a message dense of values, maybe disguised as color. (...) Rebuilds the image of the landscape with skillful brushes of spatula which, occasionally, become substance and brighten up the narrative rhythm, thanks to an intensity of the mark and of the chromatic relief where the artist imposes his strength focused on the spatula point, succeeding in affecting the soul with clear lyric transport." - Vito Cracas

Caselli Paolo Watzon

Via Antonio Ciseri, 8 - 50142 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.7331547 Mob: +39 368.3115727

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