Casetta Alessandra

Alessandra Casetta dedicates herself to the trompe l’oeil for several years.

She works either on wall, which is turned into an illusory landscape, and on canvas, where the artist develops a personal interpretation of the technique through the acrylic.


Alessandra Casetta has partaken in several solo exhibitions, where she raised a great interest by the audience and the local publishing industry.


The precise brush strokes that characterize the method of the artist gather together with soft spots and create a general feeling of “vague” in the canvas.

Here, the real elements and the oneiric ones are blended together, without lose the spatial and temporal concrete reference. The essential marks that build the artworks enable the viewer to precisely identify the subject and, so, the theme developed.

In Alessandra Casetta’s artworks, the light has the double function to stand out the tridimensionality of the subjects through light and dark plays and to create a strong tonal contrast between these ones and the dark background.

Alessandra Casetta gives a particular attention to the manner of the perception, conveying the viewer attention on the subjects.

The bodies of the characters are enlivened by illusory and dynamic movements and their faces seem to penetrate or come out from the canvas.

Casetta Alessandra

Alessandria - 15122 Alessandria (AL) - IT

Tel: +39 331.2191406


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