Coccia Michele

Michele Coccia was born in Cagliano Varano (Fg) in 1935.

He graduated in Architecture at La Sapienza in Rome and has held statal employments as freelance.


The artist ranges with agility between different fields: he wrote either short stories and theatrical works and has realized short films and performances in several institutes of the capital city.

As artist, he partaken in various solo and collective exhibitions.


His artworks, which have an arabesque and poetic nature, illustrate the covered emotions of the behavior standing out hidden areas such as the concerns, the conflicts and the fears.


The contrast between inner being and outward appearance emerges from the shapes of the subjects.

The artist represents a sublimated reality deprived of the referential element that imposes unattainable doubts on the viewer.


Michele Coccia’s works have a meaningful symbolic nature.

Their universal value allows who is close to the artworks to develops personal interpretations. The artist prefers to keep his artworks to re-experience the moment of their creation.

Coccia Michele

Via Cardeto Macello, 10c - 06132 San Martino in Colle (PG) - IT

Tel: +39 347.8472051 / +39 327.2819385

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