Colavecchi Gianni

Gianni Colavecchi was born in Rome.
He started painting and drawing when he was young, showing a natural inclination. He graduated in Economy and specializes in Business Organization and Management and started the activity of financial advisor.


Autodidact in the Art field, he integrated the study of drawing and painting books attending the workshop of master Fiordelli and, successively, the one of master Filippone, where he started to deepen the watercolor technique.


He spent three years in the Netherlands, where he made contact with its artistic culture. After he got back in Italy, he refined the technique with the master Zbukvic remaining fascinated by the relationship between light and color, which Colavecchi tries to interpret using the three primary colors highlighting the middle ground and blurring the first and the back ones.


The artist considers himself a landscape watercolorist and is still fascinated by the beauties the colored water drop, when is left on its own, could create on the paper.


Gianni Colavecchi has been awarded with several prizes and has taken part in various exhibitions and festivals in important Italian cities like, for example, Bologna, Padua, Rieti, Rome, Spoleto and Venice, but also, abroad, in Saint Petersburg.

Colavecchi Gianni

Via Isonzo, 32 - 00010 Marcellina (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 338.8144851

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