Conestabo Piero

Piero Conestabo was born in Trieste, where he currently lives and works.

The masters’ lessons and the experiences assimilated by the artist steer him to develop a personal language faraway from stereotypes and déjà vu.


Starting from the reduction of the nature in detached volumetric relationship conducted by Paul Cézanne, Piero Conestabo comes to subvert the chromatic element through a line at the same time agitated and fleeting.

The sedimentation of matter layers and the sudden style changes reflect the syncretism of human emotions stimulating in the viewer’s soul opposing reactions and emotions.

Conestabo Piero

Via della Fonderia, 5 - 34129 Trieste (TS) - IT

Tel: +39 335.8273449 / +39 040.370274

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