Curreli Luigi

Luigi Curreli was born in 1962 in Sanluri (Vs). In 1991, he has attended the high school specialized in classic subjects.  During these years, he became interest in History of Art and in Philosophy.

In 1995, he specialized in Oncology. At the present, he works as oncohaematologist at Ospedale San Martino in Oristano.

Here, he has realized the regional exhibitions of Medici Pittori, the Mostra Ospedale in Arte and the 1° Mostra-Conferenza sull’Arte e sul Bello.


After a initial period of experimentation, his artistic activity feels increasingly the effect of his theologic-philosophycal education.

In his artworks, the substance plays the leading role of “matrix of soul”, that is the analogical moment of the creation which brings the material to the spiritual and to the sharing in the “divine enviroment”. Pierre Tehilardt de Chardin means this as a change in the prospective beyond the particular and the contingent that allows to get back the meaning of the things.

Curreli Luigi

Via Einaudi, 15 - 09170 Oristano (OR) - IT

Tel: +39 392.6560721

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