D'Urso Nelly

Nelly D’Urso was born in Catania in 1950.
Her work explores deeply social themes, like the defense of human rights and the violence on women.


About her have written, among other, the famous art critics Giorgio Falossi, Paolo Levi and Fortunato Orazio Signorello.
The artist is in several annuals and art dictionaries. In 2010, the Kritios Edizioni published, curated by Fortunato Orazio Signorello, the monography "Nelly D’Urso. Mimesi figurativa".


Among her solo shows, the most important are - for the unanimous consensus by public and critic that she received - the one held at Palazzo Recupero-Cutore of Aci Bonaccorsi (Catania) entitled "Estrinsecazioni stilistiche", organized by the Accademia Federiciana and curated by Fortunato Orazio Signorello in 2012, and the one, in 2018, with the title "Contrasti cromatici", at the Museo Emilio Greco of Catania (curated, organized by Accademia Federiciana and curated by Signorello).
The artist has realized illustrations for poetical books edited by the Kritios Edizioni.
She is member of the Accademia Federiciana.


"...Nelly D’Urso, active participant of the Italian contemporary artistic reality, proposes, since the beginnings, with a strong attitude for the stylistic coherence, a figurative painting characterized by a compositional structure oriented to assume often, in order to enlighten better the painted subjects, technical solutions with a bolder clarification. Giving importance to the sensations and the states of mind, the artist continue to depict, with a light aesthetics awareness and favoring a coloristic vivid register, female figures…"


D'Urso Nelly

c/o Accademia Federiciana Via Borgo, 12 - Catania 95125 (CT) - IT



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