Dessy Paola

Paola Dessy was born in Sassari, where she lives and works.

She has taught pictorial subjects, gure drawing and engraving. She has partaken in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad and has earned national and international prizes and the recognitions.


After a figurative debut, the artist goes into experimental languages and techniques, joining “GruppoA” , in1965, and “Gruppo della Rosa”, in1976.

Paola Dessy’s artworks are in Museums and in public and private collections.


"(...) the leading lines of his research appear soon: a diligent
and impeccable manual dexterity, a passionate technical experimentation and an unique attraction for the substances. There are left to define the manners through which the clear coherence, that I hinted at, is always either a different thing from a simple rede nition of lucky formulations and could be state as the way through which Paola Dessy can take part in the current debate on the creativity. Could be well understood that the secret of this metaphorical coherence is in the freshness with which the artist proposes again and resews the treasure of his best intuitions with different techniques and new materials, without loosing sight of the horizon of his cultural identity, in the years lanes.

(...) This mark of Paola Dessy’s latest artworks, that on first impression are in contrast with the mediterranean matrix upon which I insisted, connects gently her research with one of the most widespread and fascinating elements of the contemporary artistic production. In particular with the one that, once discarded the indications of the primitivism and minimalism, combines the technologic experimentation and the challenge to the new materials with the spiritual redemption offered by the ancient eastern cultures." - Caterina Virdis Limentani (Note critiche dal Catalogo della Mostra di Padova)

Dessy Paola

Studio: Largo Cavallotti, 13a - 07100 Sassari (SS) - IT

Tel: +39 079.236414 - Mob: +39 333.9008880

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