Di Biase Vincenzo

Vincenzo Di Biase was born in Termoli (Cb) in 1940.

He lives and works as artist and as tenured teacher at Collegio Nazareno in Rome.

He becomes interested in painting since the early studies. He graduated in Math at La Sapienza of Rome.

For several years, he has collaborated with the professors Bruno De Finetti and Bruno Rizzi in the chair in Matematica Finanziaria e Attuariale at La Sapienza.


Vincenzo Di Biase combines teaching with painting, where he reaches approvals from the critics and the public.


"As though in Vincenzo Di Biase’s past there are Plato, Eraclito, Newton, Einstein or the contemporary science and math, in his future there will be the attempt to verify through the hand beating that inscribes the transparency of painting the absolute, the poem of freedom, the compulsive liberation of doing and the mark of the body. Signs on the absolute and fragments of an absolution canticle: for that ancient dream. The artist will appear himself pure in front of the court of the colors."Carmine Benincasa

Di Biase Vincenzo

Via Michele Amari, 79 - 00179 Roma (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 340.2259802 / +39 06.7811095



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